Six Sigma Study Guide, a leading platform for CPLP certification cost-effective training, was struggling with their proprietary LMS solution. The system was not able to facilitate learning effectively, and the need for a more robust and user-friendly platform was evident. Toad, the site owner, sought a solution that would not only enhance the facilitating teaching experience but also align with the modern standards of online education.


The existing system lacked the flexibility to offer what are PDH credits and CE credits good for, limiting the scope of the courses. The need for a more facilitated teaching approach and the integration of features like Fly Plugins and online course template PDFs was paramount.


ExpressTech Software proposed a migration to WP Courseware, known for its facilitation of learning and adaptability.

Migration Process

  1. Assessment: Understanding the existing system, including the facilitating learning methods, CPLP certification cost structure, and the need for features like what are PDH credits.
  2. Planning: Creating a detailed migration plan, including how to create an online course PDF guide and facilitating a class structure.
  3. Execution: Migrating all content, including facilitated teaching materials, online course template PDFs, and integrating Fly Plugins.
  4. Optimization: Ensuring the seamless facilitation of learning, including optimizing landing pages and implementing what are CE credits good for.
  5. Post-Migration Support: Providing continuous support to ensure that the facilitating teaching experience was enhanced and revenues were increased.


  • Enhanced Learning Experience: The migration to WP Courseware allowed for more interactive and facilitated learning, improving student engagement.
  • Increased Revenues: Ted reported a significant increase in revenues, attributing it to the more effective facilitating of classes and the transparent CPLP certification cost structure.
  • Positive Feedback: The new system received praise for its user-friendly design and the inclusion of valuable resources like how to create an online course PDF guide.


The migration project for Six Sigma Study Guide showcases the power of choosing the right LMS platform. By understanding what is facilitated learning and leveraging WP Courseware’s capabilities, ExpressTech Software transformed the learning experience, leading to happier students and increased revenues.