How Crypto Master Class Plus Tripled Their Memberships with LearnDash


How Crypto Master Class Plus Tripled Their Memberships with LearnDash.

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In an ambitious move to revolutionise its educational offering, Crypto Master Class Plus embarked on a journey to redesign their courses using the LearnDash LMS. They seamlessly integrated Paid Memberships Pro to provide flexible membership options and fostered an engaged learning environment by setting up a Discord community for students.

Client Overview

As a leading name in the Crypto industry, Crypto Master Class Plus prides itself on delivering top-notch courses designed for keen learners aiming to master cryptocurrency trading tools and strategies.


The main challenges revolved around migrating vast amounts of data from old courses and setting them up within the LearnDash LMS. Ensuring seamless access for students with active courses, while also introducing new membership privileges, added layers of complexity to the process.


The overarching goal was to rejuvenate and modernize the Learning Management System. This involved a careful redesign and redevelopment process, ensuring existing data and accounts remained intact. The introduction of membership options would allow for a more diverse range of crypto trading class offerings. Furthermore, integrating the popular platform, Discord, was crucial to enhance the overall learning experience.


After a meticulous analysis of the old proprietary LMS and its database, ExpressTech Software identified the WordPress CMS as the optimal platform for Crypto Master Class Plus administrators. As partners with PMPro, they seamlessly implemented membership solutions. The finalized setup boasted LearnDash with courses, student profiles, quizzes, and a holistic multimodal learning environment.


The meticulous planning and execution spanned a period of 8 weeks. ExpressTech Software undertook the complex task of migrating old data to the LearnDash LMS, setting up courses, quizzes, and integrating multimodal learning. In addition, a Discord admin bot was connected, ensuring students had the appropriate access levels on the Discord server.


The transformations were palpable. There was a noticeable surge in revenue, attributable to the modern LMS powered by WordPress CMS. The redesigned platform provided a more flexible learning experience, catering to a diverse set of learners. Integration with Discord not only increased engagement but also paved the way for a cohort model of learning through private channels, thereby facilitating the sale of more courses.


The strategic collaboration between Crypto Master Class Plus and ExpressTech Software set new standards in cryptocurrency education. By leveraging the strengths of LearnDash, PMPro, and Discord, they crafted a modern, flexible, and engaging learning environment. This case study underscores the power of strategic tech integration in elevating educational platforms, ensuring they remain relevant, user-friendly, and revenue-generating in a fast-evolving digital landscape.