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Transform Your Business With Memberships for Woocommerce

Your membership system may be smoothly integrated with your shop using Memberships WooCommerce.

In addition to restricting access, you may “drip” material to members over a certain period of time. Make it simple for your customers to sign up s by offering them as part of a product purchase or manually assigning memberships.

Assign or Sell

Memberships aren’t WooCommerce products but rather a separate form of WooCommerce subscription plan. For optimum flexibility, this allows you to choose the access levels. In order to accommodate a variety of memberships, you may attach from 0 to a lot more items (of any kind) to a membership for Woocommerce plan.

Memberships can be used as a stand-alone product: make an item for the membership and then offer the membership plan as a part of that thing.

Give members free entry to a membership section as part of product purchase (i.e., a meal box subscription, receive access to some exclusive recipes for free) (i.e., an annual purchase or a month by month subscription) manually issue memberships to a members-only area for those who have been invited.

Strategically Grant Access to your content

Memberships allow you to schedule access to your members-only material based on the amount of effort you put into it. Drip content allows you to schedule when your content is available to members. For example, if you want consumers to be able to see particular posts or pages, you might demand that they have been a member for just a week.

As a result, you have greater control over how and when new users join your business, and you can gradually expose them to your material.

A free trial offer may even be dripped with content dripping restrictions when you employ this with subscriptions.

Make Your Shop a Buying Club

The ability to build members-only items enables your site to become a buying club or allows you to provide particular products to your members.

You may hide goods from non-members in your store by limiting access to members only. Additionally, items may be made available to the general public, but only paid members will be able to purchase them.

You may also delay product access for members so that they don’t have access to everything at once.

Provide Members with Improved Shipping Options

You could reward your most loyal consumers by making it easier for them to buy from you again and again. Memberships allow you to provide free delivery straight to your members while forcing non-members to fulfill additional requirements (like having a coupon or minimum order amount).

Members Deserve Special Discounts, So Reward Them!

Depending on the rewards you want to provide your members, you may offer member discounts on all items, select products, or just a few product categories.

Perks should be shown automatically for members.

The administration of your members should be as simple for you as it is for them. Using the Member Area, subscribers may access all of their account information. By choosing “View” on the My Account page, members may access any membership section.

Depending on your preferences, you may offer members a list of items, discounts, and public membership remarks in any or all areas of the member area. A member can see when they’ll get access to a piece of material in the future.

Allow for the transfer of members.

A number of options are available in WooCommerce to manage members, but you may also wish to integrate with other services, such as an email service. Using memberships WooCommerce, you may export members to a CSV file so that you can import member data from WooCommerce into other software applications.

In addition to importing members via CSV, you can also bulk-update existing members by merging your file with existing data.

Streamline Member Communication

A membership site requires a lot of effort spent on customer support and member management. With Memberships, they have done their best to make things as simple as possible. If you want to keep track of a customer’s membership details, add your own notes for your own reference, and even contact with a specific member by emailing them notes.

What is the difference between WooCommerce subscriptions and memberships?

Unlike memberships WooCommerce, subscriptions have nothing to do with limiting access. It’s all about the items and services that the customers want to purchase on a regular basis. WooCommerce subscriptions allow you to offer subscription-based items and services to your store.

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