Unlocking 30% More Revenue: The Journey of FinancialAfrik.com towards a Robust WordPress Membership Website with Elementor and PaidMembershipPro


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Operating with a privatecontentplus WordPress setup, FinancialAfrik.com encountered numerous hurdles such as low revenue, limited membership options, lack of advanced features, inability to sell individual news posts, and lack of multiple payment gateways. These challenges, coupled with insufficient security measures, prompted the need for a robust, feature-rich solution.

Stepping up to this challenge, we introduced PaidMembershipPro, a versatile WordPress plugin, to transform FinancialAfrik.com into a powerful membership website. Through this shift, we added Stripe and PayPal as secure payment gateways, enabled drip content, and introduced an addon for single post purchases. Furthermore, we expanded their revenue streams by allowing the sale of PDF downloads. The outcomes were clear and transformative: FinancialAfrik.com saw a significant increase in revenue, improved customer support, and enhanced site security, ultimately revitalizing their platform for subscriber-only content.

Client Overview

FinancialAfrik.com is a leading African financial and economic news outlet, providing up-to-date news and analysis to a diverse audience. Their business model revolves around offering premium, subscriber-only content to their audience, which includes a wide range of stakeholders interested in African finance, from individual investors to multinational institutions.

Their primary goal was to enhance their subscribers' experience and grow their customer base by providing a wide array of content, from individual news posts to downloadable PDFs. However, they were limited by their existing infrastructure, which lacked the necessary features and options to fully realize this vision.


Before the project, FinancialAfrik.com was operating with the WpPrivateContentPlus plugin on their WordPress website. While this system allowed them to offer private content to their subscribers, it came with numerous limitations that restricted the growth of their business.

One of the main challenges was the inability to offer multiple membership levels. This limited the flexibility in their subscription model, making it harder to cater to a diverse subscriber base with different needs and budget ranges. It also meant that they were unable to maximize their revenue potential by offering premium content at higher price points.

Another significant issue was the lack of an option to sell individual news posts. This feature was crucial for their business model, as it would allow non-subscribers to purchase and access specific pieces of content that they were interested in. The inability to sell downloadable PDFs further compounded this problem, limiting their potential sources of revenue.

The WpPrivateContentPlus plugin also did not support multiple payment gateways, making the payment process less convenient for their global subscriber base. The absence of a drip content feature meant that they were unable to release content gradually over time, which is a powerful strategy for maintaining subscriber engagement and retention.

Lastly, the security features of WpPrivateContentPlus were not robust enough for their needs. As a high-profile news outlet, FinancialAfrik.com needed a system that could reliably protect their content and their subscribers' personal information from potential security threats.

These challenges presented significant obstacles to the growth and success of FinancialAfrik.com. It was clear that they needed a more powerful and flexible solution to overcome these challenges and achieve their business goals.


FinancialAfrik.com approached this project with clear, ambitious objectives that were integral to their growth strategy and their commitment to delivering high-quality content to their subscribers.

A key objective was to improve the user experience for their subscribers. They aimed to offer multiple membership levels to cater to the diverse needs and budgets of their audience. They also wanted to introduce an option to sell individual news posts, allowing users more flexibility in accessing the content that interested them the most.

Additionally, FinancialAfrik.com aimed to streamline their content management. They envisioned a system where they could release content over time using a drip content feature, allowing for a more controlled and strategic content release schedule that would maintain subscriber engagement over time.

Incorporating multiple payment gateways was another major objective. By offering more payment options, including Stripe and PayPal, they intended to make the payment process more convenient for their subscribers, thereby attracting a more diverse global audience.

Lastly, enhancing security was a top priority. Given the sensitive nature of subscriber data and the premium nature of their content, FinancialAfrik.com aimed to implement a robust security system that could reliably protect against potential threats.

In summary, the primary objectives of this project were to improve user experience, streamline content management, expand payment options, and enhance security, all while integrating seamlessly with their existing WordPress and Elementor setup.


To address the challenges faced by FinancialAfrik.com, we proposed a comprehensive solution centered around migrating their existing system to PaidMembershipPro. This solution was specifically designed to address their needs for multiple membership levels, individual post sales, drip content, multiple payment gateways, and enhanced security.

Our strategy for this migration was careful and meticulous, particularly considering the size of the site, with over 100,000 active users, 1,000 posts, and numerous downloadable PDFs. The process began with a thorough analysis of the existing database structure and content, which helped us understand the extent of the migration and plan accordingly.

To perform the migration, we leveraged the power of the ActionSchedule Plugin and MySQL Database Triggers. We developed a queue-based approach to import user data and content into the new system. This approach allowed us to systematically migrate large amounts of data without compromising the performance or availability of the website. The use of MySQL Database Triggers also allowed us to keep a log of each row imported, ensuring that every piece of data was accurately transferred.

Once the data was successfully migrated, we configured PaidMembershipPro to meet the specific needs of FinancialAfrik.com. This included setting up multiple membership levels, enabling the sale of individual posts and downloadable PDFs, integrating Stripe and PayPal payment gateways, and configuring the drip content feature. We also implemented robust security measures to protect their content and user data.

Overall, our solution involved a combination of careful planning, advanced technical strategies, and extensive customization to transform FinancialAfrik.com into a powerful, feature-rich membership website.


The implementation phase of this project was an intricate process involving several major steps and a few unexpected challenges. Our team was prepared to handle these and adapt our approach as necessary to ensure a successful outcome.

The first step was to thoroughly analyze FinancialAfrik.com's existing database structure and content. This helped us determine the extent of the migration and plan the necessary resources. We then set up the ActionSchedule Plugin and MySQL Database Triggers, laying the groundwork for the queue-based data import process.

One of the main challenges we faced during the implementation was managing the large volume of data that needed to be migrated without disrupting the website's performance or availability. We overcame this challenge by developing a queue-based approach, which allowed us to gradually import data in manageable batches. Using MySQL Database Triggers, we were able to maintain a log of each row imported, ensuring the accuracy and completeness of the migration.

Another challenge was ensuring that the new system integrated seamlessly with FinancialAfrik.com's existing WordPress and Elementor setup. Our team worked diligently to test and troubleshoot the integration, making necessary adjustments to ensure a smooth transition.

Following the successful migration of data, we moved on to the configuration of PaidMembershipPro. We set up multiple membership levels, enabled individual post sales and PDF downloads, integrated Stripe and PayPal payment gateways, configured the drip content feature, and implemented robust security measures. This step required a deep understanding of FinancialAfrik.com's business model and subscriber needs, and our team worked closely with their staff to ensure the solution was tailored to their requirements.

Despite the challenges encountered during the implementation, our team remained dedicated and responsive, quickly adapting our approach to overcome any issues and ensure the successful implementation of the solution.


The migration to PaidMembershipPro yielded significant positive outcomes for FinancialAfrik.com, enhancing their business operations and subscriber experience.

One of the immediate benefits was a 30% increase in revenue. The addition of multiple membership levels and the ability to sell individual news posts and downloadable PDFs opened up new revenue streams. Offering these varied options catered to the diverse needs of their audience and encouraged more users to engage with their premium content.

User engagement also improved, thanks to the introduction of the drip content feature. This allowed FinancialAfrik.com to release content gradually, keeping their audience engaged over a longer period and driving repeat visits to the site.

The integration of Stripe and PayPal payment gateways made the payment process more convenient for their global subscriber base, leading to an increase in the number of subscribers. By offering more payment options, they were able to cater to a more diverse audience and expand their reach.

The project also had a substantial impact on the management of their website. With PaidMembershipPro, the FinancialAfrik.com team found it easier to manage their content, memberships, and payments. The enhanced security features also provided peace of mind, ensuring that their content and subscribers' data were well-protected.

In summary, the migration to PaidMembershipPro significantly improved FinancialAfrik.com's operations, leading to increased revenue, improved user engagement, more convenient payment processing, and more efficient content management. The project was a resounding success, demonstrating the power of a well-implemented membership website solution.


The project to migrate FinancialAfrik.com's membership system to PaidMembershipPro was a resounding success, transforming their operations and significantly improving their revenue and user engagement. The solution overcame the limitations of their previous system, WpPrivateContentPlus, introducing new features and capabilities that aligned with their business objectives.

By introducing multiple membership levels and the ability to sell individual news posts and downloadable PDFs, we unlocked new revenue streams for FinancialAfrik.com, resulting in a remarkable 30% increase in revenue. The drip content feature improved user engagement, while the integration of Stripe and PayPal made the payment process more convenient for their global subscriber base.

The project not only enhanced the user experience but also made it easier for the FinancialAfrik.com team to manage their website. Furthermore, the robust security features of PaidMembershipPro ensured that their content and user data were well-protected.

In conclusion, this project illustrates the transformative power of a well-chosen and well-implemented membership system. It showcases how the right technology, combined with a well-thought-out strategy and meticulous execution, can overcome business challenges and unlock significant growth opportunities.

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