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If you’re like most of the people who want to own a profit-making marketplace site, you’re probably overwhelmed or confused by all of the software options out there.

In fact, you probably get nausea trying to figure out things like:

  • the best WordPress Marketplace site theme to build your site with…
  • Which hosting provider is best for Marketplace sites…
  • Which Marketplace plugin you should use…
  • Which email marketing tool you should sign up for…
  • Which LMS (Learning Management System) is the best for your Marketplace site…
  • Which forum software is best for your Marketplace

…and of course, how to put it all together into a beautiful, valuable, and profitable marketplace site. website…

You may have even purchased a few courses or joined a few online communities to support you on your journey.

Maybe you’ve even succeeded in launching a marketplace site (boom!)

But whether your WordPress marketplace website is already a successful business venture or just an exciting idea bouncing around in your head, the fundamental question you’re asking yourself is probably…

“How can I take this to the next level?”

If you haven’t started your marketplace site yet, you need to know to figure out which tech will be easy enough to work with and simultaneously serve the needs of your members.

And if you already own a cash flow-positive marketplace business, then you need practical strategies to attract new members, reduce churn, and improve your customer lifetime value, and the TOOLS that will make that possible.

I’m Sunny Soni and my team and I are here to help you get the tech and software side of your marketplace site business handled.

I’m known online as the marketplace site expert and for over 6 years now my sole focus has been helping marketplace site owners plan, setup, launch, market, maintain, and support their WordPress/WooCommerce marketplace sites.

ExpressTechSoftwares helps you solve your most frustrating marketplace site software problems by putting me and my team of developers, designers, and systems administrators right at your fingertips.

In our work with hundreds of highly successful marketplace site owners, we’ve learned how to select, configure and support all of the best in class applications and services you need to run a visually stunning and truly professional customers community while keeping in mind and respecting your level of tech-savvy.

Our mission? To share these learnings with you in a digestible, entertaining, personality-infused format, and to support you via our quality services. Don’t want to do your marketplace site tech tasks yourself? Who can blame you! Delegate them to our team of pros instead, and get on with building your business…

As an online entrepreneur myself, I’ve helped hundreds of marketplace site entrepreneurs learn how to master the business behind their business. I’ve tried to distill my experience into bite-sized, actionable lessons that people like me circa 2011 could avoid.

So if you’re looking to take the next step towards the growing success of your marketplace site and avoid much of the fluff and shallow advice that’s associated with the marketplace site arena, you’re in the right place.


WCFM is a free and famous WooCommerce plugin that converts your WooCommerce shop into a WCFM marketplace.  Using the WCFM Marketplace plugin you can create a project like Amazon, the plugin is very flexible and have uncountable hooks and filters to extend its functionality beyond what is provided. It supports elementor page builder to design your shop pages.


WCFM Services by ExpressTech Softwares

Custom payment gateway

WCFM supports Stripe and Paypal, which are the most used payment gateways around the world, but there are few requirements who need another payment gateway solution that can contact us.

Custom shipping method integration

Connect your store to warehouse and directly upload order to warehouse via API call.

REST API integration to head less stores

Headless CMS is easier, faster, and more flexible to develop on, Headless CMS is future proof, Headless CMS supports omnichannel architectures.

Custom feature development for google map

Adding different types of markers and additional information like displaying a yourTube video inside the the marker popup.

Custom filters developments

Develope custom filters to filter the catalog.

Data import and export to ERP or Quick books system.

Are you looking to export data from another system to your new WCFM store? We can program complex data export and import.

Payroll management for Delivery boy

WCFM supports delivery boy modules but does not support payroll management, and payout to delivery boys. We can develop such system which support auto disburse of payment to delivery boys

WCFM and Discord integration

Discord is a community chat platform, you can create a community of your customers, distribute among different categories specific channels, offer discounts to join the Server, and sell private content inside private channels.

WCFM Marketplace Features

WCFM Marketplace plugin is the powerhouse of features, it has all functionalities to build, run and maintain marketplace.


Are you running a seasonal business that is open for certain period of time and remain offline for other times? WCFM marketplace is best for you.


Setup deals for special occasions like black Friday and Christmas, WCFM marketplace supports the most flexible coupon and discount management features.


Are you coming from another marketplace and want to import your products into WCFM? you need not worry, you can easily Import and Export products using CSV (command separated values) format


WCFM Marketplace provides features to address customer requests to vendors, the ticket management system allows better service to the vendor customers.


You are a marketplace owner and want to sell subscriptions to vendors who are using your platform, apart from collecting a part of revenue.


Order needs a printable label for customer and shipping, WCFM marketplace support this out of the box.


This is the most amazing feature, you can geofence your products and customers, by settings a radius around your store.


Share tracking of deliveries, notify when shipping status changes.

WCFM Marketplace Projects Case-Studies


Labtika.net laboratory creates diamonds of the highest quality. They are dedicated to customer satisfaction and committed to high standards of quality.


Fojo WCFM Marketplace is an online platform that connects service providers to customers. Their motto is ‘Food from quality producers.’ Fojo’s goal is to improve the local food economy while also improving people’s health and well-being.


Wemulch.com is an on-demand hub that connects end users with forestry and landscaping specialists, offering them any form of vegetation or land management task they need help with!


The purpose of eraffs.com is to modernize raffles, competitions, and auctions by making them simple to host and enter. At the same time, they deliver both 100% security and complete user transparency. Their auctions and raffles will be automatically extended if the client's goal is not met.


Recruiting Compass is a marketplace for recruiting solutions that is entirely independent of any company. They provide information on and compare product solutions from leading vendors.