News Portal Website Development Strategy Plan

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News occupies a vital part of people’s routine today. And, the proliferation of the internet, followed by a surge in mobile devices, has significantly increased the number of users with digital readership. A reliable technology partner can help develop intuitive news portal that has the potential to showcase the latest updates across domains. It could […]

Field Service Management Software Solutions

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In businesses, efficient control of distributed teams has become one of the most complex tasks. It has become even challenging to offer a unique customer experience while managing diverse customer requests. As for most of them, the workforce is out in the field, and without insights into their work routine, it poses a varied set […]

Progressive Web Apps The Future Of Mobile Web

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Progressive Web Apps take advantage of the larger web ecosystem, plugins, and community. They leverage the latest technologies to combine the best of web and mobile apps. PWA work seamlessly on almost all the operating systems and devices. For businesses, they offer a fast and interactive mobile interface with all the features of a native […]

Application Modernization

Application Modernization and Its Advantages

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Business application modernization isn’t just about rewriting an app from one programming language to another. It’s the process of converting a legacy system into a modern infrastructure, architecture, and features. Let’s say your company uses an outdated CRM system from the times the business was relatively small. As the company grows, you may need to […]

memberships Wwebsite

Useful Membership Site Statistics You Should Know

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Are you looking for awesome membership site statistics? You’re in luck! Because we’ve combed the internet to find insights about membership businesses. It’s easy to start a membership site with an awesome membership plugin like Paid Memberships Pro. You’d create one with even more confidence if you had a handy list of membership statistics to show you what’s […]


Web Solutions for Pharmaceutical Industry

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IT-powered solutions are an indispensable component of the pharmaceutical industry. The new-age digital transformation enables enterprises to simplify even the complex drug-manufacturing network with the mapping of complex processes while responding to constantly shifting legal frameworks. Pharmaceutical Software Solutions Here is a holistic view of how we unlock possibilities with a 360° business innovation through […]

Food Delivery Business Models For Startups

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Food delivery websites or mobile apps are convenient, especially for modern people in a hurry. They are developed to save time, let customers choose from a variety of restaurants, and pay for the orders easy and fast. According to Statista, the online food delivery revenue worldwide is projected to reach $136 billion in 2020. Moreover, GloriaFood claims that […]