SuccessStory: Revolutionize Your School with MasterStudy LMS: How We Boosted Revenue by 20% and Slashed Student Churn

Table of Contents has long been dedicated to online private schools enriching Mississippi's educational landscape by providing forums and online courses tailored to the state's diverse societies. The need for a robust learning management system became evident as the community grew.

Initially, LearnPress LMS was selected to power the online courses at It promised affordability and ease of use, suitable for the early platform. However, as the number of users increased, significant performance issues and limitations began to surface, revealing the critical need for a more scalable and efficient system like MasterStudy LMS, recognized as one of the best WordPress LMS solutions available today.

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ExpressTech Software's expertise in handling and understanding the LMS business model and needs of my customers placed them high on my priority of vendor selection for this complex rebuilding, 

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Josh, Founder,

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Challenges with LearnPress

Performance and Scalability

  • As the number of students at increased, LearnPress struggled significantly with performance issues. The platform, initially chosen for its low cost and apparent ease of integration with WordPress, failed to handle increased traffic and data loads effectively. This led to sluggish page loads and a frustrating user experience, which is particularly detrimental in an educational setting where timely access to learning materials is crucial. Such scalability problems underscore the need for a more robust system like MasterStudy LMS.

Lack of Support and Compatibility Issues

  • Alongside performance shortcomings, LearnPress presented severe challenges in terms of support and compatibility. Many private online schools, like, experienced long response times to support queries and often inadequate resolutions. Moreover, compatibility issues arose frequently, particularly when attempting to integrate essential plugins for functionality expansion. These issues highlight the importance of selecting a more reliable and compatible learning management system, such as MasterStudy LMS, known for its comprehensive WordPress LMS capabilities and stronger support structures.

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Choosing a New Solution

Consultation with ExpressTech Software

  • Faced with the mounting challenges of LearnPress, Josh from reached out to ExpressTech Software, seeking a more robust and efficient Learning Management System (LMS). The goal was clear: to find a platform capable of handling a growing number of online students without compromising on performance or functionality. ExpressTech, known for their expertise in optimizing and migrating online educational platforms, recommended transitioning to MasterStudy LMS as a strategic solution to meet their expanding needs.

Why MasterStudy LMS?

MasterStudy LMS stands out as a premier choice for private online schools due to its comprehensive set of features designed to enhance the online learning experience. It supports mobile applications, allowing students to learn on the go, which is crucial in today's mobile-first world. Furthermore, its integration with Zoom and capabilities for live streaming are perfect for real-time, interactive learning sessions. These features not only improve engagement but also ensure that the educational content is accessible and adaptable to various learning styles. By choosing MasterStudy LMS, Josh's platform was poised to leverage the best in WordPress LMS technology, dramatically enhancing both user experience and educational delivery.

Migration to MasterStudy

Migration Process

  • The transition of to MasterStudy LMS was easily managed by ExpressTech Software. Initially, a comprehensive audit was conducted to understand the existing content structure and user data on LearnPress. Following this, the team developed a tailored migration plan that included transferring all courses, lessons, student profiles, payment information, and quiz data. The process was executed in phases to minimize downtime and ensure no data loss. Through careful planning and execution, ExpressTech ensured that the move to MasterStudy LMS, known for its robust WordPress LMS capabilities, was smooth and efficient.

Cost Considerations

  • A major concern for many private online schools considering a new LMS is the cost associated with migration and setup. ExpressTech Software addressed these concerns by providing Josh with a transparent cost breakdown and highlighting the long-term savings associated with reduced maintenance and improved system performance. The migration to MasterStudy LMS proved to be cost-effective, not only in terms of immediate expenses but also through the enhanced scalability and reduced technical issues, which significantly decreased ongoing operational costs.

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