Revolutionised Earnings: How’s Revenue Skyrocketed by 20% After Migrating from WCFM Marketplace to WC Vendors


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In the challenging world of e-commerce, imagine a scenario where your thriving woocommerce multi-vendor platform, a bustling digital marketplace generating an impressive $6000 daily, suddenly hits a daunting roadblock. Picture this: 9,000 vendors, each with their unique products and services, and a customer base of 300,000, all eagerly engaging in the seamless dance of online commerce. Now, envision the abrupt halt of this intricate symphony. The software that once effortlessly scaled to your growing needs is now buckling under pressure, leading to a cascade of issues. Orders can't be processed, vendors are left in the dark, customers grow restless as they can't access their recent purchases, and the once smooth flow of fulfilment and shipping grinds to a nerve-wracking halt. This is not just a minor hiccup; it's a critical situation where every delayed minute translates into lost revenue and trust, challenging the very lifeline of your digital empire.

Client Overview: The Rise of in the World of Online Study Materials, an innovative multi-vendor platform, has carved out a unique niche in the e-learning industry. Specializing in a wide array of study materials, this platform serves as a bustling marketplace for educators and learners alike. It's a digital hub where knowledge meets convenience, providing users with easy access to a diverse range of educational resources. stands as a testament to the power of digital solutions in transforming the traditional landscape of education.

Challenge: Navigating the Troubled Waters of WCFM's Limited Support and Sluggish Database

In the dynamic world of e-commerce, faced a formidable hurdle. The once reliable WCFM system began to falter under the platform's expanding horizons. As the business soared, reaching an enviable daily revenue of $6000, the underlying support structure of WCFM struggled to keep pace. Slow database queries became a frequent bottleneck, severely impacting vendor and customer experiences. This critical phase almost pushed to the brink, threatening to halt its thriving marketplace and disrupt the educational journey of thousands. The need for a robust, scalable solution became not just a desire, but a dire necessity to revive and sustain the flourishing business.

The Journey

Initial Assessment: Mastering WC Vendors Database for a Seamless Transition

Our first step was a meticulous dive into the intricate database design of wc vendors. We meticulously identified key data entities - products, customers, orders - ensuring that their transition would be invisible to the platform's stakeholders. This in-depth understanding was crucial to maintaining the continuity of's thriving marketplace, guaranteeing that the shift would go unnoticed by vendors and customers alike, preserving the platform's integrity and operational fluidity.

Strategy Development: Crafting Custom Migration Scripts Powered by Action Scheduler

The heart of our strategy revolved around developing bespoke migration scripts. Given the enormity of migrating 900,000 rows, we employed the robust Action Scheduler library. This strategic choice allowed us to methodically import data, chunk by chunk, ensuring no server resource was overwhelmed. Our approach was like a well-orchestrated symphony, each script playing its part in perfect harmony, safeguarding the server's memory and ensuring a smooth, uninterrupted operation.

Implementation: Implementing a Two-Pronged Script Strategy for Efficient Data Migration

In the implementation phase, we developed a dual-script system – the upstream script to meticulously queue the import tasks, and the downstream handler to accurately migrate data into WC Vendors tables. Prioritising the latest data was our initial focus, driven by the urgent need to facilitate the pending commission payments for's vendors. This strategic move ensured the most critical aspect of the business – vendor payouts – was addressed posthaste, reinforcing trust and reliability amongst our client's network of sellers.


Outcomes: A New Era of Efficiency and Profit for

The transformation was nothing short of remarkable. Vendors on are now experiencing near real-time updates on their latest orders, significantly boosting their ability to ship items quickly. The most impactful change, however, has been in commission payments - vendors are now receiving their earnings in their banks merely two days post order fulfilment. This enhanced efficiency has propelled the platform's revenue up by a staggering 20%. Our dedication to excellence was recognized with a glowing 5-star review on, a testament to the success of this project.

Client Testimonial: A Reflection of Satisfaction and Appreciation

"Our journey with this team has been extraordinary. They went all in to fix and they did so around the clock! They were awesome!" - words from our client that echo the depth of our commitment and the impact of our work. This testimonial is a source of great pride for us, underscoring our resolve to deliver beyond expectations.

Future Plans: Committed to Excellence with 180 Days of Support Warranty

Our relationship with doesn't end with the project's completion. We're dedicated to ensuring their continued success and smooth operation, which is why we offer a 180-day support warranty. This period is crucial for adapting to the new system, and our team will be readily available to address any queries or concerns, ensuring a seamless transition and enduring performance.