Should you set up a paidmembershippro site for your business?

One of our favorite internet business ideas is a membership website. A membership website is a great way to reward loyal customers. Because it allows you to create as much material as you want, your existing consumers will appreciate it. You’ll know exactly how much money you’ll be making on a monthly basis, thanks to recurring income.

Creating a membership site is a breeze using WordPress’ content management system. After your site is live, you may use a variety of tools to help you succeed, including the many WordPress membership plugins.

The Paid Memberships Pro plugin for WordPress is our first destination today. We’ll tell you whether it’s a suitable fit for your needs or not in this post.

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What's the point of Paid Memberships Pro, and how exactly does it work?

With Paid Memberships Pro, you can add a new income stream to your website.

With Paid Memberships Pro, you may make money by selling digital courses or subscription videos, creating private social networks or classifieds, and even giving member-only discounts.

It is possible to acquire an unlimited number of membership levels, each with a different price and trial period.

Six payment gateways are already pre-installed on the system (e.g., Stripe,, and PayPal)

Limiting the amount of content that may be accessed

These reports can help you make better choices based on your personal data.

Member forums provide a thriving community.

Advertising may be enabled or disabled by members.

Emails will be used to communicate anything from invoices to new members.

It is permissible to utilize any GPL-licensed site.

Non-members may make use of SEO optimization tools to improve their site’s visibility in search engine results.

This is merely the beginning, of course! Owners of websites may take advantage of everything that Paid Memberships Pro has to offer, and doing so is simple and straightforward when you have developers like us on your side.

You may get a fair idea of what to anticipate from this membership plugin by taking explore some of its most prominent features and how exactly it can help your online business.

Salient Features of PaidMemberShipPro Plugin

Paid Memberships Pro gives you all the tools you need to start, manage, and grow your membership site.

Restrict Default Content

Secure your pages, posts, blocks, and categories. Show an excerpt, “sneak peak” or partial content or completely hide restricted content. Set a custom message for users or visitors when they attempt to access protected content.

Restrict Custom Post Types

Secure various additional content such as forums, communities, products, events, courses, videos, downloads, and any CPT.

Restrict Single Pages

Allow members to purchase individual content, sell one-time access, or allow a single category purchase for a flat price.

Content Dripping

Allow members to drip feed access to a series of content according to a schedule based on their membership level start date.

Personalized Content

Offer each member a unique page for direct communication. Design custom member homepages by level and adjust navigation menus to highlight important links for each membership level.

Create Directories and Profiles

Allow users to browse and search public or members-only directories for a robust community or listings site.

Unlimited Levels

Create a complete membership offering with unique pricing and content access for each level. Members can hold one or more member levels at a time.

Multi-tiered Membership

Offer individual or organizational memberships with child accounts linked to a paying parent account.

Member Email Communications

Customize the content and design of every message sent to members, including membership confirmation, payment invoices, and expiration notices.

Ecommerce, Payment Options, and Invoicing

Flexible Membership Level Pricing

Configure levels for free or with many pricing structures. Levels can be free, one-time payment, or a recurring subscription such as annual, monthly, weekly, daily or hourly charges.

Recurring Payments and Subscriptions

Process recurring payments and create an order for each successful payment made. Failed payments will retry and cancel according to your settings and membership status.

Multiple Payment Gateway Options

Integrate with Stripe, PayPal,, Braintree, 2Checkout, or offline payments (check). Or, use WooCommerce to purchase a level as a product.

Customizable Membership Trial Periods

Offer free or reduced price trial periods and optionally require a payment method to auto-start the subscription when the trial ends. Offer a trial period that differs from your recurring billing period.

Proration and Pausing

Proration scripts allow you to offer standard proration rules or leverage extensive filter hooks to write your own custom proration rules. This guide on pausing memberships explores options depending on your pausing requirements.

Customize Member Renewal Dates

Offer rolling membership or force all memberships to renew on a specific day of the month or year.

Some more salient features: 

  • Variable Pricing and Donations
  • Discount, Gift, or Invite Codes
  • Admin Sales & Revenue
  • Admin Signups and Cancellations
  • Admin Member Visits, Views, and Logins
  • Admin Members List View
  • Admin Member Value Report
  • Order Management for Admins
  • Add Members Manually
  • Import and Export Members
  • Require Approval for Membership
  • Membership Manager Role
  • Frontend Login and Password Reset
  • Frontend User Profiles
  • Membership Account Dashboard
  • Member Directory & Profile Pages
  • Limit Post Views
  • Advanced Levels Page

Available Add-ons:

  • Affiliates
  • Page Builders and Blocks
  • Use Any Theme
  • Sales Landing Pages
  • WooCommerce
  • Communities and Social Networks
  • Mailchimp
  • Zapier
  • Social Login
  • Members-only Events

An easy-to-use control panel

When it comes to developing a membership website, there are several moving components to consider. Paid Memberships Pro’s easy-to-use dashboard is a huge benefit.

The plugin will also add a new menu item called Memberships to your WordPress dashboard when it has been installed. The Dashboard sub-menu provides access to all plugin features. 

You’ll find a broad range of options in this section:

As soon as a person joins your membership website and places a purchase, a summary and individual reports are generated for each of them.

Members may access all of their data even if they have canceled, expired, or are no longer active.

Here, members may check on the status of their subscription, as well as any discount codes or payment methods they’ve utilized.

The Member States, Revenue, and Viewing/Login Stats reports may all be seen.

Managing membership levels, discount coupons, pages, payment methods, and email may all be done in the settings area.

Enable one or more of the 76 extensions that are offered. Customize your membership site’s design and functionality with the help of this plugin.

It’s surprisingly simple to use and configure, despite its vast feature set.

Have you decided to begin your WordPress membership site using Paid Memberships Pro and need some ideas for driving people to your site to sign up? As a recommended partner developer for paid membership pro, contact us today to find out how we can get you up and running.

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Custom membership theme

Depending on the membership business idea, we have abilities to develop a theme which support the membership plugin of your choice.

Custom Payment Gateway

Most membership plugins and theme provides different payment gateway options, but in rare cases, there can be requirements to develop payment gateway solution.

Third party Integration

In most cases, we observed the membership plugin features could not support customer integrations, like exporting invoices to Quickbooks or Zoho CRM. We can develop such integrations.

Custom recurring payments

Although payment plugins provide different recurring options, in rare cases there can be requirements like charging a little more when year is leap year.

Custom login pages

The membership plugin provides login and signup options, but in some cases, those simple signup pages maybe not be sufficient, and need a custom login flow through steps which collect important data.


Though most membership sites provide basic analytics like reports of monthly earnings, in some cases, such solutions may be needed which require deep analytics like country of origin, IP address, login location.

Discord Integration

Develop and grow your member's community using discord integration, sell specific roles that having specific permissions and auto remove roles and members from the server when membership expires or canceled

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