WCVendors is an exceptional WordPress plugin that empowers WordPress users to create a successful online marketplace. A fully functional multivendor marketplace can be created from scratch without any hassle.

The plugin is actually powered by WordPress and WooCommerce. It is fully supported on the platform, and there is nothing to worry about regarding the compatibility of the plugin. The developers keep it updated according to the latest WordPress updates.

Benefits of WCVendors

For All Types of Marketplaces

WCVendors is an all-in-one plugin for creating different types of marketplaces based on their niche and targeted products. From physical products to subscriptions, it has everything you need. The marketplace can be to see services, digital products, or anything you wish. It can be farming tools, eBooks, online courses, classes/lessons, etc.


Thus, any type of marketplace can be created with WCVendors. It has got the required theme, functionality, and resources.

100+ Payment Gateways

With WCVendors, more than 100 payment gateways can be implemented. The most common problem with online marketplaces is that they do not accept various payment methods, and it drives the vendors and customers away. But WCVendors makes the transaction relatively easier. The customers feel easy while selecting the payment method of their choice, and the vendors get more sales.

Individual Store for Vendors

The vendors have control of their stores. They can manage inventory, products, shipping, discounts, orders, and almost everything. The simple dashboard is self-explanatory and helps the vendors manage their stores as they like. As the vendors can deal with their stores, you can focus on the development and improvement of the marketplace; your work becomes much easier.


The vendors can also control the shipping rate of the products. They can customize the front end of their stores according to their choice. The best part is that the vendors can also create their URL links for the products and send them to customers.


The owner of the marketplace can limit the control of the vendor. The dashboard of each vendor can be controlled. The owner can set the fields that must be there to make sure everything is perfect.

Integrated Commission System

This is the most important part for marketplace owners. They can easily set the commission rate of every vendor and product. They can fix the commission or apply a percentage on total sales, product sales, and other stats. It is up to the owner how he wants to manage the commission. The owner can collect the commission in the way he wants to.

All you need to do is set the commission, and everything will be done by the plugin. Your commission will be automatically collected from all vendors as per the criteria.

Easy and Simple Marketplace

The marketplace made by WCVendors is quite easy for everyone. Vendors can easily customize their stores and make them as they like. They can manage the orders, commission of the marketplace, sales, shipping, and almost everything without any hassle.


The customers get an excellent experience of the store. They can shop/buy the items they like, choose the payment method they prefer, and get their items shipped without any hassle.


On the owner’s side, the management of the marketplace is easier. The developers can make changes quickly and keep the store up to the mark from every aspect. There are plenty of themes and plugins that are supported by the WCVendors.

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