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Vetted team of experts to guide you in the right direction

The team at ExpressTech is vetted by the founders itself through online coding test, ExpressTech has earned 5-star reviews for the 99% of the projects we do.

We follow Agile best practices of software development and follow The GitFlow model to keep the code properly managed throughout the development cycle.

100% of the code cover full WordPress coding standards and developers are specially trained to use the premium tools to maintain code quality.

Add On development

Hire dedicated developers to develop any kind of add-on which fulfills your online site requirements.

REST-API Integration

With the Integration of REST-API, your online site can become more powerful by the support of 3rd-party services.

Custom reward type

Needing a new kind of reward mechanism, which is controlled through any 3rd-party service?

Gamipress Integrations

We develop integrations of your existing gamipress to other platforms like reward system, points systems, Custom API data, data feed. etc.

Develope interaction points

Our team can develop custom integration points, like giving count to like a post on Facebook and earn point inside Gamipress

Custom Alerts

Development of browser and APP Push notifications for integrations.

Gamipress and Discord Integrations

We can integrate discord APIs so your site users can get discord roles based upon their activity inside Gamipress.