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Custom payment gateway

WCVendor supports Stripe and Paypal, which are the most used payment gateways around the world, but there are few requirements who need another payment gateway solution that can contact us.

Custom shipping method integration

Connect your store to warehouse and directly upload order to warehouse via API call.

REST API integration to head less stores

Headless CMS is easier, faster, and more flexible to develop on, Headless CMS is future proof, Headless CMS supports omnichannel architectures.

Custom feature development for google map

Adding different types of markers and additional information like displaying a yourTube video inside the the marker popup.

Custom filters developments

Develope custom filters to filter the catalog.

Data import and export to ERP or Quick books system.

Are you looking to export data from another system to your new WCVendor store? We can program complex data export and import.

Delivery Management

Connect WCVendor to delivery management solutions ClickPost, Tookan.

WCVendor and Discord integration

Discord is a community chat platform, you can create a community of your customers/vendors, distribute among different categories specific channels, offer discounts to join the Server, and sell private content inside private channels.

WCVendor Marketplace Features

WCVendor Marketplace plugin is the powerhouse of features, it has all functionalities to build, run and maintain marketplace.


Are you running a seasonal business that is open for certain period of time and remain offline for other times? WCVendor marketplace is best for you.


Setup deals for special occasions like black Friday and Christmas, WCVendor marketplace supports the most flexible coupon and discount management features.


Are you coming from another marketplace and want to import your products into WCVendor? you need not worry, you can easily Import and Export products using CSV (command separated values) format


WCVendor Marketplace provides features to address customer requests to vendors, the ticket management system allows better service to the vendor customers.


You are a marketplace owner and want to sell subscriptions to vendors who are using your platform, apart from collecting a part of revenue.

Stripe Connect

Stripe Connect for multi-party payments.

Control vendor capabilities

Control vendor capabilities


Share tracking of deliveries, notify when shipping status changes.

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