5 Unbelievable Ways WordPress and WASM are Revolutionizing Local Development


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WordPress and WASM: Transforming the Local Development Landscape

WordPress developers and agencies, it’s time to gear up for a revolution in the local development environment, thanks to Automattic’s new release: wp-now. Powered by WordPress Playground, a trailblazing project that harnesses the power of WebAssembly (WASM), wp-now promises to transform the way you create, test, and deploy your WordPress sites.

Introducing wp-now: A WordPress Playground Powered by WASM

Automattic has been at the forefront of WordPress innovation for years, and wp-now is its latest groundbreaking tool that employs WordPress and WASM to enhance local development. This NodeJS application provides developers with an incredibly efficient way to set up a new WordPress site in seconds.

Swift WordPress Deployment with wp-now and WASM

The real strength of wp-now lies in its ability to significantly reduce the time needed to set up a new WordPress site. Choose your theme, and the tool spins up a new website, logs you in as an admin, and opens it in your browser – all in just five seconds!

Harnessing SQLite and WASM for Unparalleled Flexibility

Backed by the SQLite Database Integration plugin, wp-now ensures smooth and easy database handling. WordPress and WASM work together to enable quick swapping of PHP and WordPress versions for testing. This kind of versatility sets wp-now apart as a powerful tool in the development process.

An Inside Look at the Power of WordPress and WASM in wp-now

Antonio Sejas, Automattic’s software engineer, has provided a glimpse into the innovative workings of wp-now. The tool creates a php-wasm instance, mounts the necessary directories in a virtual file system (VFS), and initiates a NodeJS express server that proxies all requests to the php-wasm. This ingenious integration of WordPress and WASM powers the automatic logging in, activation of plugins and themes, and auto-configuration of your WordPress site.

Future Plans for WordPress, WASM, and wp-now

While wp-now already offers groundbreaking functionality, Automattic isn’t stopping here. Future updates to this WordPress and WASM-powered tool will include custom domain support, SSL, auto-refresh when a file is modified, and even importing a database from another WordPress site. Other upcoming features include a deployed feature for SSH/SFTP hosting, further amplifying the convenience and utility of this amazing tool.

Join the WordPress and WASM Revolution Today!

Currently, wp-now is available directly from npm and is compatible across all platforms – Mac, Linux, and Windows. So why wait? Join the WordPress and WASM revolution today and start experiencing a whole new level of efficiency in your local development processes.

Excited about harnessing the power of WordPress and WASM? stay tuned for more updates.

Reimagine local development with WordPress and WASM, and start delivering better and faster results today with wp-now. The future of WordPress development is here, and it’s incredible!

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