Assist your business with Zoho Integration Services in 2019

If your handling many small businesses at a time then, taking your apps to the cloud, you may have come across Zoho Services. Some say that Zoho is just a Google Apps knockoff, it's not. In fact, It offers new features and services along with Zoho Integration services that are not found in Google Apps. But it's not just about additional features. Zoho offers various options that will help you maximize the groupware tool for your small business. Here are some points your organization can do to get more out of your Zoho account.

1: Mobile Friendly Services :

Zoho can access on all platforms like Mobile- friendly website and easy handy apps for your smartphone. The current roster of apps includes Zoho CRM, Zoho Invoice, Zoho Docs, Zoho Projects, and Zoho Today (for Projects). Any of these apps allows you easy access to your Zoho account and start your services. For accessing your Zoho Email Account, the best tool is the mobile App web pages. But for accessing services of Zoho CRM or Projects tools on the one go, the Zoho mobiles apps can't be beaten.

2: Google Apps Integration :

Zoho has now started services of integration into the Google Apps Professional and Enterprise-level accounts (not the free accounts). It means you can enjoy the boundless integration of your contacts and users. Google support isn't activated by own or default. It is set up through your Google Apps superuser account by adding the Zoho service through the marketplace (search for Zoho Support on Google).

3: Benefits of Add-on features :

Add-ons are among the biggest usable features in Zoho. If you're not using some of the many add-ons in Zoho, you are not making the most out of Zoho. When you log into your account and you can test drive CRM, Campaigns, Invoice, People, Recruit, Sites, Reports, Meeting, Discussions, Planner, and many more.

4: Create user groups in Zoho :

Through Zoho Services, you can create and manage lots of groups at a time. You can use them for group chat in business as well as document/ permissions/ sharing/ management etc. You can manage two kinds of groups: Personal (share files and group chat) and Official or Organizational (chat session, send group emails, share docs instantly).

5: Security and Authentication :

Zoho allows you to increase up your security. You can allow only certain authorize specific websites, IP addresses, manage linked accounts, check active sessions and auth tokens, check on activity history, enable https usage, and even close the account.

6: Link or Add Accounts in Zoho :

You can link various Social accounts to Zoho. Facebook and Google Apps are the two most helpful or Most common accounts using by users. In fact, linking your Zoho account to a Facebook profile or page allows you to associate Facebook profiles to leads and contacts to help you gain precious information about clients (or future clients).

7: Upgrade

The nice thing about Zoho is that you can upgrade what you want. Want to keep your free mail account, but upgrade your Invoices? You can do that. Want to upgrade your Recruit app, your Invoice app, and nothing else? You can do that as well. And each apps upgrade will offer different benefits.

Take a look :

If you haven't experienced the power that is Zoho, you should at least sign up for a free account and see what it has to offer your Small and medium business. Contact us

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