Over the past 5 years we’ve used several web hosts, including: Hostgator, Blue Host etc. We believe WP Engine is by far the Best Choice for WordPress Website Hosting and its Solutions, if you have a WordPress website. WP Engine

Automatic Backups and Quick Restores :

All files, website content, WordPress database and settings are automatically backed. Made a mistake? Deleted something? Or a recent upgrade broke your website? Do a quick Restore from any number of multiple backup points and within 5 minutes your website is safely back to working state! This feature alone is worth the monthly cost!

Manual Backup and 24/7 Phone Support :

Create a manual backup at any time, useful for pulling a backup before performing any upgrades or making any major changes to your website. Get expert WordPress help when you need it, via chat or talk to a live person on the phone almost immediately. They can help you with almost any issues on your WordPress site.

Push Feature and Fast Load Speed :

Make changes and upgrades to your website safely within the Staging area, see that the site is working correctly at the Staging URL, then when you are ready push your website from Staging to live Production with single click, all from within the WordPress Dashboard. You can also go the other direction by pushing from Production to Staging if you need to. WP Engine has the best hosting environment specific for WordPress that provides some of the very fastest page loads available from any web host. Page Load is now a major factor used by Google when ranking web pages, so you can’t afford to have slowly loading pages that will adversely affect your rankings or cause you to lose website visitors because your web pages are loading too slowly.

Safe & Secure User Portal :

WordPress is known for having vulnerabilities in security. WP Engine provides enterprise level website security built-in to help secure your website and the entire hosting environment. Easily add SFTP users and many other features are available directly from the graphical interface provided by the WP Engine User Portal. With this feature you can easily grant a plugin developer temporary access to your website files for troubleshooting.

Built-in Caching and CDN :

WP Engine has built-in page cache which will dramatically speed up your website for returning visitors by serving up web pages quicker. With single click you can add Caching capabilities to your WP Engine hosted website to help your images, PDF files, and web pages all load faster. With 1 click you can add CDN (Content Delivery Network) capabilities to your WP Engine hosted website to help your images, PDF files, and web pages all load faster.

Source: https://wpengine.com/

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