Are you thinking about creating your own online course? Wondering which platform is best for hosting your course? We’ll help you choose.

In this guide, we explain why WordPress is the best platform to host and create online courses. And we also showcase the top WordPress LMS plugins to help you get started the right way.

There are bloggers and creators earning over $100,000 a year selling courses online. Some even make millions. If you also have a skill or experience you want to share, creating a course is the best way to share your knowledge and also monetize it at the same time.

To create online courses, you need an LMS. You can build your own LMS using WordPress and plugins. Keep reading to find out how.

Benefits Of Using LMS Plugins

There are many benefits to using WordPress LMS plugins. Here are just a few worth knowing.

Easily Create Courses With Multimedia Content

All LMS plugins come with a course builder. It allows you to easily create courses filled with different types of lessons and content. In addition to creating beautifully formatted lessons, you can also add quizzes, polls, and other interactive elements as well.

Sell Subscriptions, Bundles, and Memberships

Unlike a hosted platform where you can only sell courses, LMS plugins let you monetize in many different ways. You can sell a subscription to collect recurring payments. You can bundle multiple courses together to sell deals. And you can also sell memberships for coaching and training programs.

Add More Features With Add-Ons

Thanks to extension plugins and the help of third-party WordPress plugins, you can extend your LMS with more advanced features. You can connect different payment processors. Create a forum or discussion board. Add live chat. And much more.

Track Progress And Give Certificates

LMS plugins also include built-in analytics and reports. These help you track the progress of your students and see how they learn. You can also award students with certificates and badges as well.

No Platform Fees

When using an LMS plugin, you don’t have to worry about paying a platform fee or a corporation taking half of your earnings. You earn the full amount of the course. And you have the full freedom to create courses with any type of content you want.

Now that you’re convinced of the benefits of using LMS plugins, let’s take a look at the LifterLMS Plugins Features through contacting us. We are official Developer Partner of LifterLMS Plugin and Provides every customization client wants.

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