Motion UI will become the next big emerging trend that web developers will look for when building an web application. A front end framework used for building fully responsive web designed apps, the Motion UI provides developers the staple medium for creating motion within a native app setting. The Motion UI includes predefined motions that are easily accessible and can be put to use for any project.Motion UI

Adds Surprising Context in Application :

With motion UI in web development, story telling becomes easier. It simplifies the long winding and complex stories, making them sound interesting to the app user. Besides, the Motion UI is great for pulling out a bunch of psychological triggers, which when implemented in a work plan can spice up the normal user activity and welcome something interesting.

• Direct the user’s attention to the exact areas of hierarchy on a web page, which was removed due to the loss of heavy gradients.
• Help users learn how to retrieve the context and find out its exact location.
• Help to retain the 3D space of the context to some extent, which would have otherwise been lost due to removal of the shadows.

Using Motion UI :

Motion UI enables web developers to rapidly prototype animated elements and seamlessly integrate them into a website. Some of the things that a Motion UI uses for creating absolute neat effects are – Sass maxims, Css animations and transitions.

Animations :

Animations work great for loading spinners, creating eye-catching CTAs and for error states. The Motion UI includes CSS Animations for displaying content along with subtle effects and movement.

Transitions :

In web development CSS Transitions are used to show the shifting of the position of an object in tweened state from one place to another. They are great for showing new content, replacing content and other UI components such as drop downs and off-canvas.

Motion Modifiers :

These present classes that make creation of wide array of motion rapid. A developer can start creating base animations like slide, scale, hinge, spin and then use motion modifiers for affecting the speed, direction, ease, iteration and delay. It is not mandatory to use Sass or JS file unless someone wants to.

Focusing merely on the latest design frameworks and techniques are not just the only things for building a great app. A good design should be governed primarily by the element of simplicity for a cleaner approach and better functionality. Speaking of which, here are some Motion UI design principles in web development that you would like to follow when implementing them in an app.

Personality :

Your app should be able to convey a distinct character of its own, while simultaneously trying to maintain a clear consistency throughout. Apps should come with a design that not only engages the user but goes beyond, providing ‘out of the box’ motion solutions.

Orientation :

A motion UI design should be able to guide the user properly when he/she clicks into an app. It should keep the user well oriented and guide their flow of actions. Motion UI should be able to establish the physical space of an app by deciding the manner in which objects come into focus or come off the screen. This can prevent the user from feeling lost, while at the same time reducing the need of using additional graphics to direct them across the app.

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