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IT-powered solutions are an indispensable component of the pharmaceutical industry. The new-age digital transformation enables enterprises to simplify even the complex drug-manufacturing network with the mapping of complex processes while responding to constantly shifting legal frameworks.

Pharmaceutical Software Solutions

Here is a holistic view of how we unlock possibilities with a 360° business innovation through leading-edge technology.

Core modules and support functions of our pharma software development focus:

Batch Control & Lot Traceability

The insight driven output helps measure & trace medicinal ingredients accurately, respond to product defects quickly, and achieve plant-wide traceability while adhering to national and international regulatory compliance.

  • • Pre-assign/auto-generate batch lot numbers with real-time product tracking, from one unit operation to the next, from production unit/supplier to your warehouse, and then to end-customer
  • • Manage SOP documentation with features of e-signatures, pre-defined workflows, and error-free audit trails for FDA compliance and validation
  • • Capture & store multiple user entries accurately at once & assign role-based access to the cloud application environment
  • • Electronically record & track data of ready-to-purchase medication batches, expired batches, and materials to be re-ordered in a central repository

Drug Discovery & Pre-Clinical Solution

This module of software solutions for the pharmaceutical industry helps optimize the discovery, pre-clinical, and product development processes.

  • • Develop, validate & maintain formulas, including batch versions and revisions based on pre-set objectives
  • • Perform audits from desktop or a mobile app to analyze patent, clinical trial data, scientific publications, and more for gaining new drug discovery & development opportunities
  • • Schedule product development with drag-and-drop rescheduling & color coding for organizing production floor by work order or batch ticket
  • • Automated invoicing and reporting features to manage on-site services for multiple locations

Warehouse Management

Not limited to just inventory updates & management, this component of the pharmaceutical warehouse management system helps streamline the entire supply chain interaction – for employees, suppliers, and customers.

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