There are many books, lectures, and manuals that can help delve you in all issues regarding web design and reasons why it should be like this. But if you are far from this subject, we would like to tell you a little about the main principles your website should follow, and about the tools that can help you launch and redesign the website.

There are 4 basic principles that good looking websites should be based on:

Task Formulation

Before doing something, you need to understand what each page is required for. If there is no necessity to create it, you shouldn't do it. A more responsible approach to each element will give you a more clear understanding of the goals you pursue. Because if you don't understand what goal this element serves for, users won't understand either.

Aesthetic of appearance

The website should be eye-catching. If it looks like an outdated resource, you need to redesign it.

Original content

Content must be unique and meet the business goals you pursue since a high-quality content has a great influence on the return of your users to the website. A perfect content will not only make your website better but also improve its rating that will have a positive influence on your business. And never plagiarize third-party articles - you will be banned by Google. But you can check examples of good websites just to follow their way.

Clear and comprehensible navigation

Simple navigation influences on conversion and even on ranking favorably. Each page must be available in more than 3 clicks from another page of your website.

Functional and good website design :

Let us remind that nice website designs have a critical influence on everything from conversion rates to time spent by visitors on the website as well as on the degree of trust to your website and degree of organic links favorable for SEO.

We should also add that tendencies in design undergo a significant change. For example, if 10 years ago your website was one of the best, today it means nothing. Thus, you need to redesign the interface to make it an eye-catching resource again.

What does the word 'branding' mean? Broadly speaking, it is an image of your company. You need to stand out from your competitors and create your own brand by using certain colors and fonts depending on your business goals. Don't forget - visual perception means a lot. Effective website design will lead your project to success.

Depending on what emotions you want to evoke from website visitors, you will need to use various colors. According to statistics, 90% of first assessments regarding products can be based only on color.

Web design from the technical point of view :

Technical elements of web design include the following:

  • • adaptability and mobile-friendly elements.
  • • high loading speed.
  • • search optimization.
  • • SSL encryption.
  • • website architecture and navigation.

There are a large number of mobile-friendly templates that you can use while building your website:

  • • WordPress Templates.
  • • Shopify Templates.
  • • Woocommerce Templates.
  • • Magento Templates.

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