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About the Client

Recruiting Compass is a marketplace for recruiting solutions that is entirely independent of any company. They provide information on and compare product solutions from leading vendors. They take recruiting to the next level. If an employer requires assistance with selecting a recruitment package, they are delighted to assist and encourage clients to get in touch. 

They offer products and services, including employer branding, start-up and innovation, advertising vacant positions, sourcing job candidates, and setting up video interviews. If the basic or individual packages do not meet the recruiter’s requirements, Recruiting Compass will offer combined or individualized packages to the client. They are happy to work with prospective clients to develop an offer specifically tailored to their needs. With this in mind, they require clients to be as explicit as possible when submitting their requests.

Recruiting Compass provides non-binding offers to potential customers inboxes based on their requests. Their partners may require several days to prepare the proposal. They will then provide recommendations on products and services from a variety of manufacturers and service providers. 

The Recruiting Compass obtains the best offers on their clients’ behalf and presents them to clients in a straightforward and comparable format as soon as possible. They will assist clients in making their decision and will take care of booking the interviews.


The recruitment industry has changed dramatically, and Recruiting Compass looked at finding new ways to stay competitive. They provide tools that connect hiring managers directly with profiles of candidates to help recruiters find precisely what or who they need in a timely fashion. Time is money, and reducing delays filling vacant positions and identifying services will be invaluable to clients. There’s nothing worse than reducing profits by wasting money unnecessarily in a business.

Recruiting Compass required speed optimisation, developing filters, and adding product inquiries into their administrative portal. One of the most common speed optimisation problems is congestion. Congestion occurs when there are too many sites on one server. This leads to slow loading speeds for those trying to access all the pages at once.

The speed and performance of a website can indicate how soon visitors will be able to find it. Slow response times, or pages that take an eternity to load, will cause clients to move on and not wait for more content. No business can afford to have their customers quit on them before they are even aware of the offerings. Recruiting Compass was losing customers because the site was just not fast enough.

Websites employ security filters to keep hackers from accessing personal information and compromising the safety of the site. On the server-side of a website, these software applications are either centralized or distributed across multiple servers, depending on the website’s size (dynamic processing). The requested plugins to be designed were to block and filter script-based content like most social media integrations. Hackers can use vulnerabilities to exploit exposure within plugins without being caught themselves. We developed filters to assist in this area. Every business needs robust safeguards to protect its information.


We developed a plugin to amend the WCFM functions, which solved the problems being encountered on the website.


Recruiting Compass was able to reduce financial costs by using our service. We provided a set pricing estimate for the scope of the requirements presented to us based on the project’s complexity and urgency.


We provided speed optimisation, which is key to solving the client’s problems. Successful companies ensure their servers run smoothly, increasing response time and cutting down waiting times for customers. Recruiting Compass was thrilled when we solved their problem. They said it made a massive difference in the speed of loading pages, and they were very grateful for our assistance!

The upgraded administrative portal led to smoother communication with clients. We also upgraded their website security to state-of-the-art. 

Our team is professional and fast. We fixed Recruiting Compass’ problem by being attentive to their needs, and we can do the same for you.

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ExpressTech team has helped us achieve our goal of Gamify our site in the way I wanted, I run a community of 15000 members. I'm glad I choose ExpressTech to help us modify GamiPress and Its connection through our discord server. Now members are getting rewarded by Discord Role by improving their participation.
They brought WSPA out of the dark ages of manually renewing memberships!
Melanie Nichols
Technology Liason
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Rosemary Miller
Website Designer, The Tech Chick
They had the experience and knowledge to direct his team effectively and work collaboratively with ours.
Ron Liss
President, American Patient Rights Association
Despite difficulties faced, the team responded positively to the challenges and kept a good working momentum.
Don’t take *our* word for it.
John Deer
CEO, Trademark Management Startup

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