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About the clients

Fojo WCFM Marketplace is an online platform that connects service providers to customers. Their motto is ‘Food from quality producers.’ Fojo’s goal is to improve the local food economy while also improving people’s health and well-being. They offer exciting and high-quality food supplied by people who care about food and the environment. They support small food producers and farmers who care about environmental sustainability by promoting high-quality, locally sourced food.

In addition to small enterprises, they also support local retailers. 

Fojo provides consumers with access to search for trustworthy companies that are thoroughly vetted. Customers can use a postcode search to locate local produce. They help businesses grow by allowing them entry into a well-established community of professionals from all over the country who share similar goals. The Fojo Marketplace is a one-stop-shop for all of your food sourcing needs.


We were required to develop product delivery range filters

using Google MAPS API Integration. Google Maps API Integration was needed to filter product delivery ranges for customers. This would allow the customer to search for the availability of the product based on their postcode. This technology was needed behind the scenes to provide an efficient, personalised service with innovative filters when installed.

Google Maps data needed to be used to create the filters for product delivery distance ranges. These filters are helpful when you want users’ locations limited based on specific criteria. In this case, an address or radius which, in terms of distance, is close by.

When it comes to deciding how far a company should go to reach potential customers, there needs to be adequate information available. In order to minimize waste, it is essential to avoid making unnecessary trips. The use of logistics to ensure deliveries are grouped by area promotes efficiency. 

As an essential aspect of any business, shipping had to be taken into consideration. Shipping costs can vary depending on the weight and destination of the shipment, so the client needed accurate calculations. These calculations would ensure the company does not undercharge or overutilize its budget with unnecessary expenditures. That would have been inefficient at best! We were also required to enable a complex shipping calculation.


We created a plugin to optimize the Geo Location feature of WCFM marketplace and added input to the product details page to enable product availability check. We also modified the shipping module to match the most appropriate shipping method for their product.

We used a plugin for WCFM, the newest version of CMMS (center-of-manufacturing) system from Microsoft, to increase efficiency and improve collaboration within the company. 

The WCFM Geo Location plugin allows Fojo to automate the process of geocoding. This means that their applications can use location data more quickly and efficiently than ever before, increasing customer satisfaction with their experience!


A very reasonable cost was charged to Fojo for this service. In light of the nature and urgency of the situation, project, we provide a set cost estimate for the scope of requirements presented to us by the company.


Another happy customer, here is what Fojo had to say. 

“Thanks to ExpressTech Software Solutions’ efforts, we were able to make use of the plugin to meet the needs of our customers. The team demonstrated their rigorous project management and communication skills throughout the project, enabling a successful collaboration. These improvements have allowed us to serve our customers better.”

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