What is Vue.js Framework 

The Application Building has increased much impulse as the expert programmers are readily involved in it. The trends and tools identified with application development continue changing thus the developers should keep pace with the advancement in technology. Today, we are going to discuss Vue.js, which is the most recent revelation in the arena of web development technologies broadly utilized for the development of web applications. Without any doubt, the JavaScript is a standout amongst the most well-known frameworks being utilized by the designers today. It likewise offers plenty of choices and Vue.js is surely one of these. Vue.js is also getting much attention from programmers and this figure is expanding as time passes. If we talk about some details, as indicated by The State of JavaScript 2017 survey, 48% of developers have shown unmistakable fascination in learning this best JavaScript framework and 20% have effectively accelerated it. In fact, 90% of the programmers have said that they would utilize this framework again in the future tasks. These figures in this manner plainly show the popularity that Vue.js has obtained. One of the other wonderful accomplishments for Vue.js in 2017 was that it has achieved the primary position among the common JavaScript extends by including 40k stats on GitHub. It subsequently turned into the fifth most featured venture on GitHub.

Why the programmers ought to select Vue.js

Known for its Flexibility

One of the major points of interest that Vue framework offers is that it is known to be adaptable. This makes it a favored choice to utilize Vue.js for creating cross-platform applications. It gives you access to a wide scope of a different environment. The programmer can don't hesitate to work over some other JavaScript Framework or PHP with no problem. You can likewise utilize it for any other projects and develop an additional segment for the application. It proves to be a decent resource for the Progressive Web Applications. You should know that satisfactory support and assistance is available for PWA to ensure stability and dispense with the restrictions for applications and websites. What's interesting to note is that the component-based blow of Vue offers that additional scope to include extra features if you require to include in the application.

Good Detailed Documentation

It also offers the benefit of detailed documentation, which makes it easy for the programmers to compose and execute the first application. You should have a fundamental knowledge of the HTML or JavaScript for developing a website page or application. This is a because the documentation features are sufficiently enough.

Addresses the Drawbacks of AngularJS and ReactJS

Evan the developer of Vue.js introduced this popular JavaScript framework while working with the Angular JS venture amid his employment at Google. He made Vue.js with the goal of addressing the disadvantages of the two most popular JavaScript frameworks AngularJS and ReactJS. Among these, he developed a lightweight solution through the extraction of AngularJS parts without including any other concept. He desired to consolidate the best features of both the frameworks and that is the means by which he landed with the new Vue.js. Presently which features were extracted from AngularJS? You took the simplest formats to have good syntax, which was simple to execute in the projects. As far as ReactJS is concerned, Vue.js adopted the component-based strategy, the single way data flow for component hierarchy, virtual rendering ability, elite, props, and the pretended by state management of applications in web application and so forth.

Vue is known for its Simplicity

A standout amongst the best features of Vue.js that has literally drawn the attention of the developers is its simplicity. As said before this JavaScript framework is a simple mountain to scale as it just required the fundamental understanding of HTML and JavaScript. You are simply required to do straightforward coding, which assists in better management and maintenance of the cross-platform applications. In addition, it likewise enables you to develop the applications at a faster pace and the developer additionally sets aside less considerable time to fix the bugs assuming any. Vue.js is same as the original language and JavaScript code but the programmer can't utilize it for dislike HTML and other JavaScript library frameworks. It likewise offers the benefit of providing the various programmer profiles and it's easy to start with.

How noticeable is Vue.js?

Vue had:7,600 stars on GitHub in 2016

36,700 stars on GitHub in 2017

Moreover, it has more than 100,000+ stars on GitHub, as of June 2018.

Its npm download check is building up every day, and now it's at ~350,000 downloads each week. I would state that Vue is incredibly noticeable, given those numbers. In relative terms, it generally has comparative amounts of GitHub stars as React, which was considered an extremely lengthy time-frame already. Numbers are not the only thing that is important, clearly. The impression I have of Vue is that developers love it.

A key point in time of the development of Vue has been the adoption in the Laravel ecosystem, a gigantically standard PHP web application structure. However, from that point forward it has turned out to be far-reaching among numerous other progression systems.

The Advantage of Having Command-line Interface (CLI)

The developers are likewise much appreciative to the Vue.js development team for offering a uniquely favorable position of Vue CLI (Command-line Interface). It is a system created and supported by the Vue group that assists to reduce the time of programmers while working with the initial project set up and platform. The Vue-CLI is empowered with a project generator that assists to start up new projects easily and furthermore discharge platform for the development procedure. The new third version of the Vue-CLI is further developed offering further advantages. As such the developer can create the task as indicated by the venture requirements. This enables you to develop scaffolding in as soon as possible. The programmers can likewise add additional features if the venture needs. They are expected only to install the required features.

Vue.js Helps in Reducing the Releasing Time

All things considered, now and again the developer is required to roll out a few improvements in the projects and furthermore revamp on the application if the situation demands. This literally finishes in eating a ton of valuable time and you might not get the correct result expected. In any case, Vue.js can solve that issue with the assistance of a versatile ecosystem that accelerated the speed of development and furthermore a superior scope of releasing the finished venture into the market to get the all-important user feedback. This will offer you an opportunity to work at further improvements that are expected to improve the application. The Vue.js additionally helps in faster development of the Minimum Viable Product or MVP for your application. This is all possible because of the simple set up of the cross-channel, which permits beginning coding. The fascinating part is the involvement of the end users who can send feedback and comments to solve the issue appropriately.

Offering the Optimal Performance

The fact that the size of Vue.js is lightweight and smaller, you can make certain of getting the ideal performance. The size of this popular JavaScript framework is around 20KB and in that capacity the Vue 2.0 is superior. It has been considered as one of the quickest frameworks. The rendering layer is programmed from a lightweight Virtual DOM implementation forked with snabbdom.

Support of Large Community Base

For any framework to succeed in the long haul; it must have the assistance of a solid network base and Vue.js is honored to have that benefit by the start. It has a functioning and substantial network base that is continuously evolving. So, it has a splendid future from that prospect.

The Support of Tools and Ecosystem 

It likewise assists in discovering solutions for basic issues. Due to the presence of a well-managed ecosystem, the Vue.js programmers can discover solutions for a specific issue and furthermore choose just the required building blocks. This enables them to save a lot of their time.Vue.js is well bolstered by various tools, i.e., Vuex, Vue Router, Vue Test Utils, and Vue CLI and so on with a well-defined ecosystem. This improves the speed of development.


Vue.js has turned out to be a standout amongst the most popularly used JavaScript framework that makes the activity of the developers a lot easier to make cross-platform web applications. The frameworks combine the best features of Angular and ReactJS thus it can be said to be mature but straightforward to use.

In addition, it appreciates the assistance of an active and strong group of members. The Vue-CLI assisting in reduce the time while working on the initial project and generating scaffolding.

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