If you are not sure how to start a membership site, or which WordPress plugin you should use, then it’s time you turned your attention to Paid Memberships Pro. This impressive free plugin has numerous features and an intuitive user experience that will enable you to quickly turn your website into a successful membership site.

we will look in-depth at how to start a membership site with Paid Memberships Pro. We will discuss what this solution has to offer, and then run through step-by-step how to get this plugin up and running.

Paid Memberships Pro is a free WordPress membership plugin that helps you turn your website into a fully functioning membership site. Allowing you to restrict access to premium content, sign up members, and take recurring subscriptions, Paid Memberships Pro is a great solution for online businesses, e-Learning websites, community or directory sites, to name a few options.

So let’s check out some of the features Paid Memberships Pro has to offer :

  • • Free core plugin
  • • Six popular payment gateways
  • • Unlimited membership levels
  • • Flexible membership pricing
  • • Extensive options for content restriction
  • • Member dashboard
  • •  reports

Paid Memberships Pro also offers two premium plans, which provide 60+ add-ons, unlimited support tickets, plugin updates, developer chats, and much more.

How to start a membership site with Paid Memberships Pro

you’ll first need to install the  Paid Memberships Pro plugin. We have amazing developers on how to install a WordPress plugin if you need some help.

1. Create membership levels

The first step is to create your membership levels, or plans. To do this, select Memberships > Settings from your WordPress dashboard and then click on Create a Membership Level.

Give your membership level a name and description, providing your audience with all the information they need about the plan and the features offered. You can also add a confirmation message that will be displayed to users once they sign up for the plan.

2. Set up membership pages

Once you have created the membership plans, you will next need to set up the membership pages. There are several front-end pages that are required for your membership website. You can create these pages yourself, or Paid Memberships Pro will generate them for you.

3. Add a payment gateway

As mentioned, Paid Memberships Pro ships with a number of payment gateway options that work out of the box. These include…

  • • Stripe
  • • PayPal
  • • Authorize.net
  • • Payments
  • • 2Checkout
  • • Cybersource

Before you commit to a payment gateway, do your research to find out which provider best fits your needs.

4. Set up email

Paid Memberships Pro has the functionality to send a variety of emails to your users once they have signed up to your membership site. To set up the email service, select Settings > Email. Then add your email address and name into the From Email and From Name fields.

5. Configure the advanced settings

you can configure some of the messages displayed to your audience, as well as other aspects of your membership site. Here are a few of the settings you can alter…

  • • Edit the message displayed to non-users who try to view restricted pages.
  • • Restrict member-only content from being displayed in searches and archives.
  • • Show content excerpts to non-members.
  • • Set up a Terms and Conditions section that users must agree to before signing up.

Final Words

Paid Memberships Pro has a lot to offer and is an extremely effective WordPress plugin. It provides a quick and easy set up alongside all the features you need to get your membership site off the ground. And with the option of upgrading to one of the premium plans, adding advanced features to your membership site in the future is always a possibility.

We are Official Developer Partner of PMPro, Feel free to contact us.

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