Start building Android and IOS Apps with React native Technology

React Native provides incredible favorable Environment for developing cross-stage applications for both Android and IOS. Prior to React Native, you needed to compose your code twice — one for Android and one for IOS. That is solved through this technology.

Why React Native?

Right, so why React native and not any other technology?

It gives us numerous features that different technology can not manage. Here is the thing that you can do with React Native:

Create Native Mobile Apps :

React Native enables us to compose Native Apps in JavaScript for both iOS and Android. It enables us to utilize all the local parts like signals, pop-up messages, camera, and other areas. There are some other JavaScript libraries for structure versatile applications like ionic or PhoneGap. Be that as it may, those libraries use Webview, and the applications worked with those advancements are not Native.

Building cross stage portable applications for both IOS and Android :

Believe it, with React Native you can manufacture portable applications that can keep running on iOS and Android. This is one of the extraordinary advantages of React Native. Before Facebook made it, you needed to fabricate your application twice and with various code: one for iOS utilizing Swift or Objective-C and one for Android utilizing Java or Kotlin. React Native tackled this issue so you can manufacture your React Native application and it will work in iOS and Android. Marvelous!

Compose your code all in JavaScript and React :

While you are building React Native applications, you will really compose JavaScript. Reactjs code enables us to manufacture extraordinary UI and client experience segments.

Take a look to React Native :

Beginning with React Native can be energizing, yet at the equivalent can be somewhat confounding. The initial step is to introduce it, and there are a few different ways to do it:

Utilizing expo-cli :

expo-cli is a direction line apparatus. It downloads and introduces the React Native standard for you, coordinated with expo API. It's a simple method to fabricate a React Native application, and it's the suggested way in the event that you've recently begun with React Native.

expo-cli gives you numerous alternatives. You can run and test your application on a cell phone with no arrangement. Sweep a QR code and your application will open up with expo portable application. You can investigate other versatile applications worked with React Native on the program over a web interface called appertize!

Using React Native cli :

The respond local cli does likewise work as expo-cli, yet with an alternate methodology and additional preferences. The applications that are introduced with React Native cli give us the choice and the capacity to make our own local modules in our application. You don't have to launch your application to have the option to make local modules. Catapulting makes you ready to utilize local modules and keep in touch with you claim (we will investigate how to compose local modules in another part).

Creating React Native applications on various stages is an alternate procedure. A few times we need some particular setup for a particular stage. For instance to work for Android, you have to utilize the Android SDK, so how about we investigate how this functions!

Simple React-Native debugger :

React-Native Debugger :

React-Native debugger is an incredible device to troubleshoot React Native code. It's a work area application that gives you numerous points of interest. It accompanies Redux devtools and React-devtools joining. You can troubleshoot the style too. It's really the best debugger for React Native and the one I use. Typically it's accessible on MacOS, Windows, and Linux. Look at the establishment and coordination control.

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