Where do you stand currently in your WooCommerce store endeavor? Maybe you are planning to launch your WooCommerce store, or maybe you have been running it for a couple of years now.

From growing your email list to social media marketing, there are many mediums and platforms you can leverage to increase the sales for your WooCommerce store ( Woocommerce tips ). However, you need to identify which of them are most useful and give you a better ROI.

WooCommerce Tips

Choose an Eye-catching WooCommerce Theme :

As soon as your leads enter your store, the first thing they see is the theme and the overall layout of your store. If they like what they see, then they are definitely going to take a closer look and take time browsing through your store. However, if they see a cluttered and confusing layout, they are going to press the exit button without giving your store a second glance. You need to offer an easy and seamless experience to your customers.

WooCommerce themes, by and large, can be classified under three categories :

• Free WooCommerce themes
• Paid WooCommerce themes
• Custom WooCommerce themes

While you need to choose the theme that best suits your pocket, there’s one important thing you need to keep in mind. Being able to use a free WooCommerce theme is, of course, an added advantage, however, such themes often lack in terms of design and functionality. Therefore, if you truly want to find success in your WooCommerce endeavor, then it is a better idea to opt for paid WooCommerce themes.

Offer an Easy and Friendly User-Experience :

The friendlier user-experience you offer, the more people will convert into permanent customers. It’s no brainer — if your leads find it hard to navigate through your website, they are going to abandon it without giving a second thought. Let me be blunt here: yours is not the only store on the internet, the list of your competitors is pretty big. All in all, your leads are not exactly lacking in choice.

A big part of a user-friendly e-commerce experience is simple navigation. It directly attributes to a comfortable environment for your visitors. This can easily be achieved using breadcrumb links and navigation menus.

WooCommerce Breadcrumbs

It allows you to customize the default WooCommerce breadcrumbs. Breadcrumbs improve navigation, not just for robots, but for customers too, as they’re able to navigate back to previously browsed categories. This helps them stay on your site for longer without having to hit the back button a thousand times, and it helps search engines index your site for better search ranking.

WooCommerce SEO

This premium Yoast SEO extension adds support for WooCommerce, including improved breadcrumbs. Please note that Yoast does not automatically optimize your site for search, but is instead a fantastic tool to help you optimize your content before it even gets published. Much as what Yoast does for blog posts, it continues that work in product pages, sitemaps, and navigation.

Add Clear Call to Action (CTA) :

I think we are all familiar with all these call-to-action buttons. But the main motive is not just to add CTA buttons but to add them in such a manner that they fuel your conversion rate. For that, you need to place your CTA buttons at the right place so that they immediately get discovered by your leads.

One thing that you need to keep in mind is that your leads should not have to skim down web pages just to take action. For instance, if a customer intends to add a product to their cart, the “Add to Cart” button should be readily available. They should not need to scroll through your page or to go to great lengths to find it.

CTA buttons such as “Add to Cart” and “Checkout Now” especially should be added in prominent places in your WooCommerce store . Moreover, they should not blend in with the website — make sure that they stand out so that your customers immediately distinguish them from the rest of the website and quickly take action. Take advantage of any built-in styling options your WordPress theme includes. Or use a visual CSS editor like Yellow Pencil or CSSHero to make additional style changes so your CTAs stand out.

Make Products Easy to Find :

If your prospects have to scour through pages just to reach your product page, then you are definitely doing something wrong. Your ultimate goal should be to make the product page of your e-commerce store easy to access. And the steps required to check out and complete a purchase should be quick and easy as well. Make sure to incorporate facilities such as filters, price sort, menu elements, and so forth.

Again – good themes will likely already include these features. But if yours doesn’t, consider adding a plugin. The YITH WooCommerce Essentials kit includes added features for ajax search, product filters, product comparison, product image zoom, quick view, shop infinite scroll, wishlist, catalog mode, product addons and tons more.

In addition to finding products, it should be easy for you customers to actually buy them. WooCommerce has pretty straightforward buy buttons, but you can streamline the process even more with a plugin.

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