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React Native 0.60 new update was released in July 2019. This release brings various updates, another app screen, AndroidX support, CocoaPods in iOS by default, and that's just the beginning. This is one of the good news to react to a native app development company.

React native

React native

Following are a portion of the updates presented :

Accessibility Updates :

This release ships with a few improvements to accessibility APIs on both Android and iOS. As the new features straightforwardly use APIs given by the basic stage, they will effortlessly incorporate with native assistance technologies.

Another New Start Screen :

It comes with another new app screen, which is more easy to use. It demonstrates valuable directions like altering App.js, connections to the documentation, how you can begin the debug menu, and furthermore lines up with the up and coming site upgrade.

CocoaPods are presently part of React Native's iOS venture

For iOS currently accompanies CocoaPods naturally, which is an app-level dependency manager for Swift and Objective-C Cocoa projects. Developers are prescribed to open the iOS platform code utilizing the 'xcworkspace' document starting now and into the foreseeable future. Moreover, the Pod details for the inward bundles have been refreshed to make them good with the Xcode project, which will help with debugging and troubleshooting.

Lean Core removals

So as to carry the React Native repository to a sensible express, the group began the Lean Core project. As a piece of this project, they have extricated WebView and NetInfo into independent stores. With React Native 0.60, the group has got done with moving them out of the React Native store. Geolocation has likewise been extricated dependent on the community feedback about the new App Store approach.

Autolinking for iOS and Android

React Native libraries frequently comprise of platform-specific or native code. The auto-linking mechanism empowers your project to find and utilize this code. With this release, the React Native CLI group has made real upgrades to auto-linking. Developer utilizing React Native before form 0.60, are advised to unlink native conditions from a past install

Support for AndroidX :

With this release, React Native has been relocated to AndroidX (Android Extension library). As this is a breaking change, developers need to relocate all their native code and conditions also. The React Native people group has thought of a temporary solution for this called "justified", an AndroidX transition tool in npm format, with a react-native compatible style.

Other developer shared a few hints for moving to AndroidX, which is an open-source project that maps the first help library API bundles into the android packages. We can't utilize both AndroidX and the old help library together, which signifies "you are either all in or not in by any stretch of the imagination."

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