# Python Development :

Python has been around for a long while and we can say without a doubt of an uncertainty that it is one of the most well known programming dialects today. Actually, it has been the No. 1 coding language throughout the previous five years.

It is the designers' who loved this for some reasons, above all else its intelligibility and productivity. At the point when various platforms are here, for example, PHP, Java, or C++, we can say that Python web development is simpler to realize which settles on a superior decision for learners. In any case, that doesn't mean it won't take care of business similarly too.

Python Development

Python Development

There are those who believe Python development is a bit old-fashioned considering it has been around since the late ‘80s, but the thing is – it has survived for so long because it works. And it has reached the peak of its popularity with the introduction of Python 2.0 which brought numerous improvements. Lets take a detailed description of it :

Python Benefits :

If you aren’t sure why you should try Python, let’s start by taking a look at the best Python advantages.

Python is Easy :

We cannot stress this enough so let’s start by explaining how easy Python web programming actually is. Ask any developer which programming language was easiest to learn and they will all tell you the same thing.

When you compare Python to some other programming languages, it might seem like Python was designed for beginners. However, that is not necessarily the truth. Of course, it is perfect for first-time developers but that doesn’t mean the advanced users don’t use Python for web development.

What is Python good for? Well, basically everything the other, more complicated programming languages are good for too – just way simpler.

Note: If you think you already know all there is to know about Python web, maybe you could consider learning more about Django programming to expand your knowledge and make yourself more marketable.

More Functions – Less Code :

Python web development quite simple because you can easily achieve more functions with fewer lines of code. Basically, if you know the basics, you could build anything.

Web development with Python is particularly popular among rookies because of its readability and efficiency.

Tolerates Mistakes :

While the majority of programming languages aren’t exactly forgiving of mistakes, that is not the case with Python. Python web development is easy not only because of its amazing readability but also because the code doesn’t break when minor mistakes occur.

Python in web development brought an amazing change because it focuses on 4 basic rules that make it stand out from other programming languages:

1. Readability is important
2. Less is more
3. Complex – YES; complicated – NO
4. Clarity is better than implied

Building Prototypes gets easy :

We already know that it takes a lot less time to build something with Python than with most other programming languages simply because it takes fewer lines of the code. With that in mind, when you need to build ideas and prototypes quickly, Python is definitely the way to go.

(IoT) + Python :

The advent of the Internet of Things introduces countless opportunities for Python programmers.

Python web development in combination with platforms such as Raspberry Pi allows developers to build their own devices such as phones, cameras, radios, games etc. through Python.

Important python frameworks :

1. Django :

Django is a free, open-source, and full-stack Python framework. You can use Django to create your web application from ground zero. The key feature of Django is that it tries to provides all of the necessary features by default as opposed to offering them as separate libraries.

2. Flask :

Flask is another Python framework available under the BSD license. It is inspired by the Sinatra Ruby framework. Flask depends on the Werkzeug WSGI toolkit and Jinja2 template.

Flask is opposite to Django, while Django bundled everything you need in one package, the main idea behind Flask is to help build a solid web application foundation. From there, you can use any extensions that you might need.

3. Pyramid :

The Pyramid is also an open-source Python-based web development framework. Its main goal is to do as much as possible with minimum complexity.
If you look Megaframeworks make decisions for you, but if you don't fit their viewpoint, you end up struggling with their decisions. On the other hand, Microframeworks force no decisions, making it easy to start. But as your application grows, you're on your own.

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