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Why developers Prefer Laravel Over Other PHP Frameworks

Most of the PHP Developers are beginning to look all starry eyed at the rising Laravel. Despite the fact that there are a few different systems accessible, Laravel has turned into the most mainstream in a matter of seconds. PHP is getting developed in Object Oriented; this is an ideal time when the recently presented structure with the right arrangement of highlights got discharged and it got an incredible reaction by the PHP Community. The community that has the most numbers of enthusiastic and committed developers ended up writing nice things about this framework.

So what new features providing by Laravel framework for Laravel Developement Company  :

The Following List of Laravel Framework Reveal you everything:

1. Systematic documentation - Laravel is without a doubt easy to understand or also Its a Developer friendly. It has never been seen that an adaptation of Laravel was discharged without Prorper and systematic documentation. A Laravel API has predictable style of coding and exact and brief clarification of Methods and classes. The Comments are written in a definite way.

2. Relocations - Migrations if there should be an occurrence of Laravel is the portrayal of code of the database mapping. It is a relief to see that the development team is liberated from the hassle of sharing SQL dumps or maintaining the consistency of database consistency for new developers or the team members.

3. Database Seeding ProcessDatabase Seeding with help of Faker library in Laravel has freed the developers from the manual task of populating dummy or test data. It has become easy to develop APIs or web services, with seeding.

4. Blade Support- Blade provides rich template engine that Laravel offers PHP developers. It Provides Clean and easy to choose syntax, it has become a joyous task to write HTML. 

5. Elixir - Elixir is a famous gulp wrapper that Laravel gives developers for running robotized undertakings. Repetitive errands like minifying contents, assembling LES or SASS and running PHPUnit tests are consequently dealt with.

6. Laracasts community - Laravel offers Laracasts, an information-rich tutorial site that is updated daily with fresh content and explanatory tutorials. Laracasts provides proper video documentation for Learning the laravel basics.

7. Security AuthenticationProvides a Predefined Authentication feature means developers has not create authentication code for every new application.

8. Pagination – Laravel Web Development Company in USA has gained immense popularity amongst developers because of the fact that it easily and automatically paginates data from the database. This makes web services and APIs creation simpler. 

9. Directory structure – The default directory of Laravel has a structure that is well-suited to most of the scenarios. The developers do not need to make changes.