About the Client

chartchampions.com is an online educational platform for trading, especially crypto trading. The objective of the platform is to educate people and give them technical, analytical, and psychological guidance. It is primarily for crypto trading, but as the base of stocks, forex, and other tradings are the same, you also get the particular guidance, and there is a separate section for stocks on Discord. The teaching can be applied to all sorts of trading.

The best part is that it is not a signal group or financial advice community; instead, they provide knowledge and technical analysis and make the learner able to trade successfully.

The members get access to videos, books, live streams, and other educational content, depending on their membership plan. They learn to do the technical analysis to increase the probability of success and mitigate failures. The coaches of the platform have made the technical analysis and everything simple enough that a beginner without any knowledge of trading can easily learn and prosper in the community.

There is also one-on-one coaching available to catapult the trading success and make more money using analytical skills and tactics. The coaching lessons enable all beginners and trading experts to analyze everything before the trade. The mentors help them with live training, live results, and live application of tactics and knowledge. The educational content and books are available on the websites for easy access. Members can access educational content from every corner of the world.

chartchampions.com aims to skyrocket the trading profit and enable members to have profitable trades. They also try to make the journey as pleasant as possible by offering psychological education and advice. There are higher chances of optimum profit if the members try hard and put the effort in.

There is a special community of over 2000 members and experts where people share tips and tricks. Members can ask questions and get advice from experts and fellow champions. The supportive community on Discord is ready to help the members at any time.

One of the major aspects of chartchampions.com is Discord. Therefore, they need to make it super-efficient and easier for the users. It plays an important role in teaching and communication between members and coaches. They wanted to uplift the discord community and make it better for the members, and that is why they contacted us to get the job done.


chartchampions.com wanted to take its membership programs to the next level. They wanted us to make a customized plugin that can allow members to connect to the primary Discord server using their personal Discord accounts.

There were three membership plans, and according to the type of membership, the users have access to different features, bonuses, videos, and other materials. The task was to create a plugin that could distinguish between the membership plans and offer benefits and perks accordingly.


The task was quite easy for expert developers. We gave utmost importance to every detail and created a plugin according to the requirements of the client.

We had to handle different membership plans and provide the benefits and bonuses and impose restrictions accordingly. The members could log in using their Discord account, and we had to organize everything according to their plans.

We used Paid Membership Pro, which is a WordPress plugin. We used its hooks and filters to create a customized plugin according to the needs of the client.

We successfully created a custom plugin as per the requirements. It was completed before the deadline, and we were able to achieve the results with perfection. The plugin offered log-in using the Discord account of members, and we developed an algorithm to offer benefits, impose restrictions, control the actions of the members, and have better control over accounts.


We offered chartchampions.com a reasonable and fixed estimate after getting all their requirements and specifications. We took every piece of information to make an accurate estimate.

At ExpressTech Software, we give exact quotes to our customers based on their requirements, project complexity, delivery, and various other aspects. These exact quotes do not change until the requirements are the same.

chartchampions.com and we agreed on a price after negotiations.


With the help of our experts and their vast experience, we were able to create an up-to-the-mark plugin that works according to the expectations of the client. In fact, it went the extra mile, and the client praised our effort, concentration, and timely delivery.

Mike, coach and operations manager at chartchampions.com, said,

“We wanted to control the members and offer them benefits and perks according to their membership plans. It was a troublesome situation for us, but ExpressTech Software did everything on its own. I admire their professionalism, patience, and communication skills. I didn’t know much about the plugins and the terminologies, but Ravi (the customer representative of ExpressTech Software) asked everything and noted every piece of information. Before the deadline, they delivered the plugin and set it up, and I was amazed. They went the extra mile, and I was pretty happy with the outcome. I highly recommend ExpressTech Software for its professionalism and expertise. It was a bang for every buck I spent.”