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Optimizing the latest Laravel 5.8 Release

Laravel is introduced in the year 2011 and since then it has become a widely used framework for web and app development. Most of the developers are moving on to this, as it has shown high accuracy on business-centric management system and e-commerce platform. The hierarchy of Laravel platform gives the developer a complete space to work with libraries and other modules by maintaining the smooth flow of the code.

Features Of Laravel 5.8 Update

The new version has many features but the key performing features are mentioned below:

DynamoDB Cache / Session Drivers will bring the change in database usage:

The very new DynamoDB technology will deliver the single-digit millisecond performance at any scale. It’s a complete multitasking database that has inbuilt security, backup and restores, and in-memory caching for the web-based applications. It can handle 20 million hits per second. It is developed and supported by “Amazon Web Services”. The best part is just to create a new table and let the DynamoDb handle the rest.

‘dynamodb’ => [

‘driver’ => ‘dynamodb’,

‘key’ => env(‘AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID’),

‘secret’ => env(‘AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY’),

‘region’ => env(‘AWS_DEFAULT_REGION’, ‘us-east-1’),

‘table’ => env(‘DYNAMODB_CACHE_TABLE’, ‘cache’),


Cache TTL

The older versions of the Laravel used to allow developers to set caching in minutes, that has now updated to be in seconds. It will deliver the more granular expiration time when the items will be being stored. The ‘put’, ‘putMany’, ‘add’, ‘remember’ and ‘setDefaultCacheTime’ methods of the Illuminate\Cache\Repository class and its extended classes, as well as the ‘put’ method of each cache store has been changed with this latest update.

// Laravel 5.7 – Store item for 10 minutes…

Cache::put(‘candy’, ‘bar’, 10);

// Laravel 5.8 – Store item for 10 seconds…

Cache::put(‘candy’, ‘bar’, 10)

Why Cache is so important for your website:

To keep consistent performance, optimizing the code is important. The minimum execution time for the code can be achieved by using the cache properly. It reduced the page load time and increase the chances for more user engagement. It has been proved that any page with load time more than 7 second has 72% of the lesser customer engagement. This can be understood by the example that lowering in page load time by just 1 second can bring 1.6 billion $ business.

How to optimize ‘Laravel Framework” for better performance with “Laravel Cache”:

In order to enable caching service, it is required to use Illuminate\Contracts\Cache\Factory and Illuminate\Contracts\Cache\Repository.

Laravel ResponseCache Package:

The package can easily be installed by the composer

composer require ets/laravel-responsecache

To publish the config file use

php artisan vendor:publish –provider=”ets\ResponseCache\ResponseCacheServiceProvider”

Optimize the Route Cache:

This will save the complete path of the app as a base64 encoded string to ‘bootstrap/cache/routes.php’. Next time the framework will skip the scanning process and will just read this file to maintain the speed of execution processes. It is needed to refresh the file every time, whenever the path or route is changed. It is also important to convert the closure route to the controller class.

php artisan route:cache

Optimizing the storage

It is important to remove the unutilized files to save storage and increase the performance speed. Laravel always use multiple files for include request. This can be optimized by declaring all the files, that would be included in the request process in a single file.

php artisan optimize –force

Clearing the Cache

This will clear everything from the cache store specified in the config file.

To clean up the cache store in the config file, it is suggested to use the artisan command:

php artisan responsecache:clear

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