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Best NodeJS Web Application Development Company

ExpressTech Software Solutions, featured as Best NodeJS web Application development company in India, USA helping our worldwide clients base with their unique business application requirements. Throughout the years we have progressed toward becoming veterans of this technology that stamped us as a standout amongst the best NodeJS Web Application Development Company in India USA. We engage our customers with the powerful execution of this technology without affecting their budget. NodeJS development is ideal to develop data streaming apps, real-time tracking applications, gaming apps, single page apps, Rest/JSON APIs and much more. Our specialization in NodeJS development can help add a shine into your thought and convert it into an exceedingly versatile business application.


Nodejs development is widely used by our team for programming both: endpoint devices and web services. Speed, scalability, and productivity are key factors in choosing the platform to build an Internet of Things applications which require extensive data exchange. A lot of requests generated by devices NodeJS effectively manages via streams. NodeJS also has meagre resource requirements, a feature that developers are already leveraging in IoT scenarios. Actively use Node Packaged Modules (NPM) repository and benefit from more than 80 packages for the Arduino controller, over 15 for Bluetooth Low Power, and multiple packages for the Pebble and Fitbit wearable devices. From wearables to M2M, NodeJS sets itself up as a good match for IoT application development.

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Data Streams

Traditional stacks of web applications typically treat the HTTP requests and responses as atomic events. But in fact they are data streams, and Node.js can take advantage of this fact. Excellent examples - parsing files uploaded in real time or data transfer between the different layers.

One Page Apps

For today's web applications, processing most of the information on the client side, server that can simultaneously handle thousands of requests and has a low response time is a perfect match. The ability to reuse the same code, e.g. for validation , on the server and client side - is an advantage of Node.js.

Messaging/Chat Applications

Involving active data exchange with the back-end as well as real-time tracking solutions such as dashboards, statistics, etc.


Node.js is perfect for the development of lightweight REST / JSON interface and is an excellent option for writing a wrapper around a database or web service that communicates with the client in JSON format

App Prototypes

Node.js allows quick and easy development of business MVPs. It saves our customers' time and resources.

Best nodejs development company in India

Real time chat apps. 3
High-load apps. 5
Interactive apps development. 9
Payment services 2
Migration of enterprise legacy systems to Node.jsc. 4
Refactoring and maintenance of existing Node.js solutions. 6
Interactive apps development. 8