Mobile apps are the lifeline of every business, but still, there are times when mobile application fail and become the reason behind an unsuccessful business. Many businesses fall victim to “Hit and Try Method” as there is no set formula for success when it comes to mobile app development.

Mobile application

Mobile application

Have you thing why mobile application will fail? Well, there could be a reason that there is an increased competition that is resulting in increased chances of failure. But this is not it. It doesn’t end here. There are many factors which are responsible for failed mobile apps.

So, let’s know them one by one to understand well.
Targeted Wrong Audience :

It is very important for any business to understand their target audience as customers are the only key to success. Somehow, only customers will make your business reach success. At the same time, not being able to understand your target audience is a big fault that can fail you quicker even than you think.

It might seem exciting to you at first, but here is the point you need to think upon, i.e., it is an app for kids only. Well, have you thought that an app exclusively for kids might not do wonders for your business? While making such an app, one can also consider nannies, mommies, and even elder siblings who will be interacting with the app more than the little people.

The bulk of App Features and Ads:

There are times when mobile gets used a lot in the initial days of its launch, but soon that app gets abandoned. Yes, there are a remarkable number of apps that get abandoned after the first use. And the reason for this is, they either present the users with fewer features or too many of them.

But if you think that your feature-loaded application will attract the users, it might turn out to be an exact opposite scenario. Yes, that is because there are cases when excessive features might confuse people, and as a result, they get pushed to opt for something more specific to their requirements. So, make sure there is nothing too much or nothing too less in your app.

Failed to Solve Real-Time Issues:

This is one huge factor for any mobile app failure, Many mobile apps we see today are just replicas of a few popular ones. Surely nothing unique. But most owners forget that the users are looking for innovation and the failure to come up with something innovative causes disappointment and loss of trust in the audience.

Despite all, if you are building an app solely for earning money out of it, you have already performed the first blunder. The reason behind this is, your main purpose should always be solving a problem that exists in the market because that will automatically bring you the money.

Wrong Platform Design or Architecture :

There are various mobile apps available, so on which platform you will work is one major decision for you to make. So if you have cannot make up your mind whether your application is going to be for the iPhone or the Windows phone or an Android user, you are certainly calling for some trouble.

It could be said that unsuccessful apps, whether it is iPhone or Android app, are not just a result of the issues with app’s performance, quality or lack of user experience, but also due to lack of the study about the platform.

Less User-Friendly:

App creators often make it a complex affair for the users in the process of enhancing the user experience.

None of the users have the time to sit back and learn how to use your application first to run them, especially when they have ample of easy-to-operate options available around. Moreover, keep in mind that you are certainly investing in an unsuccessful app if you expect them to put in so much effort.

Apart from that, make sure the design of your mobile app justifies its business value because an app needs to be compatible with the user. You need to analyze your target audience’s intellectual understanding and their compliance towards changing trends.

No Backend Support :

It especially applies to the apps for the e-commerce market or even gaming ones. One will need robust backend support for the app to be stable. In most cases, the apps have not been handling the traffic inflow, and as a result, it affects the business value for a longer period. Another thing to look at when considering a robust backend is scalability because a scalable backend service will adjust based on the traffic influx over some time.

Final Words:

Now you are aware of the reasons, stay away from them while planning your next project to prevent them from failure. We hope above mentioned platform-specific best practices will make your mobile app best

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