Transportation is a significant part of many businesses. According to the latest report, the revenue from freight trucking reaches $700 billion in the USA.

Creating an app like Uber for trucks requires preparations. In this article, we’ll be discussing such significant points as current problems on the market, essential features.

In the past, it was a struggle to arrange a shipment due to many calls and emails.Online management solutions tend to simplify the shipping process removing time-consuming paperwork and cutting expenses. Except that there are several more to create an Uber-like app for trucks.

• The final price of shipments depends on the fuel cost. A lot of transportation businesses are unprofitable as trucks drive back empty. Digital trucking solutions enable effective truck management keeping a fleet always full. Drivers can choose loads according to their location and eventual destination.

• Trucking solutions give full transparency. With their help, you can see the final price of the shipment and follow the trucks’ route. It increases their trust and loyalty.

• It’s profitable for both — drivers and shippers. The first ones can look through their payment status and past transactions. As for the shippers, they have a secure way to pay for transportation. Additionally, the payment happens only after the shipment is delivered.

• Marketplace apps like Uber for trucking can be a good solution for many problems in the transportation industry. It can offer real-time pricing, suggest routes, and places where to stops. An excellent software solution should also track the transport, automatically validate how loaded the vehicle is, and show the truck’s location .

Uber for Trucking App Development

In case of making a Uber-like app for trucks, you need to consider the development of two apps (for drivers and shippers). The requirement features will depend on the role. For instance, the Uber truck driver app should contain useful functions to make the delivery process comfortable (e.g. navigation). As for the shippers’ app, you need to consider such feature as rating system.

Below we’ll discuss the basic features for both applications.

Uber Freight Driver App: Basic Features

• Any app like Uber for trucks requires registration. The driver has to fulfill some personal data, e.g. truck type, driving experience, and more.

• The driver needs to see the list of available requests to choose from. Additionally, provide an option to accept or reject the request in one click.

• Real-time chat is needed to keep in touch at all times. For instance, it’s possible to discuss the shipment details. It’s also common to add an opportunity to send a photo. Of course, developers can add some statues like typing, read, and so on.

• This feature simplifies the drivers’ work. The application can build optimized routes to reduce fuel consumption and increase delivery speed.

• It’s better to notify drivers about interesting offers that follow their current location and destination. Also, there are notifications about successful payment transactions.

• To decide whether or not to take the order, the driver needs to look through the load’s details. It’s necessary to make a screen with freight’s weight, size, pick-up and drop-off time.

Uber Freight Shipper App: Basic Features

• It’s better to offer users several registration options. They can be login with email or Facebook account. This move makes registration process faster and smoother.

• Shippers tend to book a shipment beforehand. They need to make a request adding all the shipment details: pick-up and drop-off time and location, weight, and so on.

• To add a precise location for a driver to pick-up and drop-off the load, it’s better to integrate the map. Additionally, the GPS system allows tracking the truck on the road in the real-time.

•The customers need to see what kind of vehicles are available in their location. Shippers need to choose the truck according to the loads’ peculiarities.

• It’s necessary to integrate a secure payment gateway into your application. Such a system provides an opportunity to pay for the shipments through the app. There are several popular payment services (e.g. PayPal, Braintree) that you can utilize.

• Customers need to rate a driver after the trip. It allows choosing only reliable and efficient drivers with all the required documents.

It’s better to make an MVP version of your app and release it. After that, you can gather feedback and decide what kind of features you need to develop next.

Basic features can make your applications convenient. But, to stay competitive and gain more users, you need to offer some unique and complex features. There are some ideas:

  • 1. Various languages;
  • 2. 24/7 chat support
  • 3. Traffic conditions
  • 4. Weather updates
  • 5. etc.

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