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# Magento 2:

Magento is a leading e-commerce solution and a huge platform for Merchants that enables them to sell their products online. This platform has more than 4 million downloads worldwide. And now we can witness the dawn of Magento 2. The new version of this platform brings lots of new features that have all the chances to play a key role in the growth of the e-commerce market. In this post.




Let’s Take a Look for Features -

Better compatibility with other platforms :

Magento 2 is based on Zend Framework and PHP 5.4, it also extends support for MSSQL, Oracle, and other databases.

Flexibility :

With a new structure of modules (component-based), the new Magento has much better flexibility in terms of development. The high code coupling in combination with a component-oriented structure allows developers to different components including CMS, customer, checkout, sales, catalog, and a lot more. In Magento 2, it is possible to disable or enable every component and at the same time to keep the code base clean.

Testing-friendly environment :

Magento 2 is 100% testing-friendly. It includes a flawless testing framework designed to perform: Static Tests, Performance Tests, Unit Tests, Legacy and Migration Tests, Integration Tests and JavaScript Unit Tests.

Service Contracts :

Service Contracts is another important feature of Magento 2, which is based on a set of different PHP Interfaces. The feature improves and simplifies the use of APIs for various modules. With Service Contracts, developers will get a new way of working with public API endpoints.

The new file structure :

Magento 2 comes with a completely new file structure. There is no base theme anymore and all the base views are in the module structure. Developers now face much fewer issues while developing custom Magento themes.

Hassle-free upgrades and installation :

Composer makes Magento 2 more friendly for installation and updates. It is also possible to use a convenient format to upgrade to the latest Magento 2 version.

Elimination of components and modules :

Magento 2.0 provides advanced payment options. The new version of config.xml file is reduced by over 20%, as a result, developers are able to offer customizable solutions within less amount of time.

Better Security :

Thanks to the changed directory structure, Magento 2 is more secure. There is a new directory – ‘pub’, which enables developers to protect the code from different security breaches.

Community Support :

The Magento development team is opened to the community of Magento coders, we can receive seamless support for any issues related to Magento 2.

Here are 5 Excommerce Important Extensions :

Magento One Step Checkout :

Magento 2 One page checkout decreases the skip rate just as fundamentally change rates. Overlooking overabundance traffic when remaining on your site. Around 100% installment strategy perfect with one-page installment: Stripe, Credit Card, Paypal, Paypal Pro, SagePay (Pro), Braintree, Skrill, Authorize.net, Bitcoin, 2Checkout, OnePay, and different administrations.

Magento Layered Navigation

Magento Layered Navigation Extensions are significant gadgets for each eCommerce site running the Magento stage. The Class Navigation module enables you to channel any ideal things by item properties straightforwardly on the item list page without exploring to another page.

Magento Google tag manager

Google Tag Manager for the Magento store, you also have Google Analytics that boosts e-commerce quickly and adds detailed information about retailers. Besides, it also defaults the data layer, some other features such as add, remove from the cart. You can read review top GTM.

Magento Review reminder

Magento 2 Review Reminder is a perfect solution for e-commerce stores that boosts conversion rates and boosts sales. By enabling automatic posting to customers who have purchased a product from the store, you can save time and get more reviews from them. By getting more reviews from your customers, your store becomes more reliable.

Magneto Affiliate extension

Affiliate extensions, you get great experiences from creating various affiliate programs to manage them to get high performance for online stores. It is great not only to improve the brand for the store but also to achieve high sales for the business.

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