Website Design Trends never stays the same, they keep on changing. Design that was trendy and beautiful in 2018 & 2019 is definitely not going to stay the same in 2020. Trends are an ever-evolving thing and to get the most out of your website, you should definitely follow the latest web design trends of 2020.

Web Design Trends

Web Design Trends

If you are running an online business or thinking to run an online business through a website in 2020, then this post is definitely going to be very important for you. With the help of this post, you can follow the latest and future web design trends to generate sales & leads through your website.

The top 5 web designing trends in 2019-2020, that you should follow.

Asymmetrical Layout :

Web pages are useless unless they have the capability to grab attention. According to the latest designing trends of website, asymmetrical web layouts are the best when it comes to grabbing the attention of visitors. Using this layout you can make the user focus on the most important part of the web page.

Asymmetrical layout is created when a balance of images is maintained on either side of a web page. Basically, what happens in an asymmetrical layout is the eyes of the user naturally move from a larger and heavier part of the page to a lighter section. These layouts are the most attractive ones you can get for designing a website.

Non-traditional Scrolling :

If you can add some creativity to make your website stand out among the most trending websites of 2019 & 2020, then you should go for a feature like non-traditional scrolling. It basically means not to keep the scrolling of the web page in an old and traditional manner. When we are talking about the trending feature for website design, we cannot follow the traditional ways.

There are four types of non-traditional scrolling you can add for getting a website design  with the trends of 2020:

  1. Long Scrolling
  2. Fixed Long Scrolling
  3. Infinite Scrolling
  4. Tasteful Parallax Scrolling

A disadvantage with these features is they can make your website’s loading speed very slow.

 Minimalism Design :

Minimalism in web pages is an evolving concept of website design trends, which is further going to be very effective in 2020. The concept of minimalism in web design is basically to simplify the web page by decreasing the content and image quantity, to increase some white or blank space on the web page.

Other simplifying techniques under the concept of minimalism include:

  • • Using fewer buttons
  • • Hiding the navigation bar
  • • Cutting off the additional details like a shadow from images or graphics.
  • • Using not more than 2-3 colors.

This concept of minimalism was basically evolved to decrease the noise from the website and also to make the website speedy.

Interactive Content :

According to the latest website design trends, websites are not only a static presentation, but they are a medium to grab the attention of users. The concept of interactive content is followed by many websites to make their content, attractive and website, trendy. This technique is basically used to present the content in a non-traditional manner, with animation or attractive mouse hover features.

The major advantage of presenting your content in an attractive style is it increases the chances of grabbing the attention of the user. You should also remember that your style to present the content is useless if your content lacks quality. In this digital world, content is the king and interactive and valuable content can definitely take you ahead of others.

Video Background :

Video background is the most effective website design trends in 2019 and will also be in trend of 2020. Among the top awarded websites, 60% are those who follow this web design trend of video backgrounds on web pages. Videos have been a great medium to grab the attention of visitors from time to time and there is a much chance that websites with great video utilization will be ranked among the top website designs.

Video background on the home page gives a good first impression to website visitors and it is the most effective way for grabbing the attention of any visitor on your website. If you also want your website among the top-ranked website designs then you should never miss out on using videos on your website. Again the major disadvantage of this trend is it can really decrease your website’s loading speed.


Web Design Trends doesn’t stay the same for a long time. To stay at the top of the best website designs and to attract your visitors throughout the year, it is very necessary for you to follow the every new trends for user engagement.

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