Lifter LMSLifterLMS is a tool that allows you to publish courses online with WordPress. If you want to deliver courses online and share learning materials with your visitors, then this learning management (LMS) plugin could be just what you are looking for.

Some of the key features of LifterLMS include creating multiple courses, managing membership access, and collecting payments. This all adds up to give this plugin the potential to help you turn your area of expertise into a passive income stream.


Learning Management Features :

The Learning Management features of this plugin give you everything you need in order to deliver a course online. With the plugin you can create multiple courses. Each course can then consist of multiple lessons.

With LifterLMS you can add quizzes to your courses, in order to test your students as they progress. You can create a question bank on your website, and then add questions from the bank to the quizzes. This makes it easy to reuse and repurpose your learning content as needed.

LifterLMS has the ability to automate the assessment process. The then allows the plugin to automatically grade quiz submissions and even issue completion certificates to students.

Your online courses can make use of pre-requisites, requiring students to pass a specific course or lesson before being able to progress further. LifterLMS can automatically manage course progression, making this a hands-off process.

User Engagement Features :

To keep your students engaged with your learning materials, you can award badges, certificates, and other rewards for completing certain elements of your courses. This adds a level of gamification to your course, helping to encourage your students to keep coming back for more.

The plugin can send out emails on completion of certain elements, and you can also drip-feed course content based on specific dates, days since sign-up, or competition of lessons or courses. LifterLMS can also send out an email if a user hasn’t logged in for a while.

These user engagement features all work on an automated basis, and are defined in advance, when setting up the course.

Membership Features :

LifterLMS does away with the need to install a separate membership plugin. Through the settings of LifterLMS you can create unlimited membership levels, and then decide which level of user gets access to which content on your site.

LifterLMS includes a number of new user roles for your website. This includes teachers, teaching assistants tutors, and students. This makes managing access to your courses and their content a lot easier.

Pages on your website that aren’t part of your course can also be protected. This content can then be made available to users with a certain membership level.  Each membership level can have its own pricing, billing cycle, expiry date, and more.

By using the membership features, you can create packages of courses, which are available to members of a certain level.

Ecommerce Features :

LifterLMS includes all the functionality needed to monetize your courses and generate a passive income from your website. This allows you to accept payments with PayPal, right out of the box. You can also create discount coupons to generate more interest in your courses.

When setting up the pricing structure of a course, you can set a regular price and also a sale price for that course. The sale price can be set to be available for a certain period. This gives you a hands-off way to manage discounts of your courses, over periods of your choosing.

When collecting payments, you can give your students the ability to pay by instalments, or simply settle the balance in one go. Setting up daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly recurring billing cycles is easy too. You can also offer trial access, charge an initial payment, or a combination of all the available payment options.

If you do want to use the popular WooCommerce ecommerce plugin to manage this aspect of your LMS website, you are free to do so.

Other features of LifterLMS include :

student profiles, custom course-related sidebars, analytics and tracking. All elements of the courses are mobile-responsive, ensuring your students can access the learning materials on a range of devices. Contact us for more information about Lifter LMS Features and Benefits.

Note: Lifter LMS is ours Official Partner.

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