The mobile application market has gained an amazing fam in the ongoing years. The explanation for this could be the latest features that are added to your cell phones. Regardless of whether these features are built-in or downloaded, they are attracting people towards them. There are some important features such as Text messaging, audio, video calling and so on that help localized experience. 

Opentok API

OpenTok API

The OpenTok platform :

The OpenTok Platform makes it simple to install real-time, high-quality intuitive video, screen-sharing, messaging, and so on into web and mobile applications. The platform incorporates customer libraries for web, Android, and Windows, iOS, server-side SDKs and a REST API. and furthermore, WebRTC is used by OpenTok for sound video communication.

Smarter Live video Applications with new OpenTok REST API :

As a fact, around many industries and due to various distinct situation among the developers created attractive live video application with opentok platform that helps to empower life-changing experience. Regardless of whether it is online tutoring, doctor-patient care, social interaction, high-touch customer service, interactive broadcasting, team collaboration, developers are uniting individuals worldwide in manners that were not possible in previous years.

With the help of the opentok Platform, our customers can easily build their business to address the issues of progressively modern applications we're presenting extra server-side REST APIs that give developers increasingly unique power over the OpenTok Platform.

How opentok API work?

First of all Your customer pays for the services of video/sound administration, After payment you make a token for your customer and Customer starts his login process and open a video chat and makes a session where we shared a similar session to another customer, both customers are associated with the same session key. They can enable the program to share video or sound.

Features of opentok platform:

  1. Provides the Video Support.
  2. Can make a voice call and recording function is also there.
  3. Provides an Online Messaging Chat
  4. Screen Casting and Screen sharing services
  5. Provides the Valuable SIP Interconnect services

Benefit through integration of Opentok API Services :

Mobile made easy :

The most exhaustive arrangement of Mobile solutions for WebRTC. Get your mobile application ready for action rapidly with some advance features, control, and wide gadget support.

Fully customizable :

Another major benefit of opentok API is that it helps to Embedded Communication as a consistent feature of opentok branded experience. Opentok gives you full control to build the application or website you want.

Manageability :

Opentok provides an easy way to create a WebRTC application. with the help of our analytics, tools or global infrastructure you can possibly develop and maintain your solutions.

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