Magento lovers are passionate about the new releases of Magento. The platform gets revolutionary innovative features with each update. The main aim is to provide an outstanding eCommerce experience to the end users.

We were amazed by the release of Magento 2.2.2 as it brought amazing features such as Magento shipping and zero-step checkout. Again, this update will also facilitate instant purchases and advanced reporting option.

As the users do not have to enter their shipping address and other payment details, eCommerce website owners were happy.  Surely, this new release is going to increase their business sales.

Let's Explore features of Magento 2.3 :

Magento 2.3

Progressive Web App (PWA)

We live in a mobile world and Magento knows it very well. Magento developers now leverage PWA features to deliver an app-like experience for the users.

A progressive web app is an advanced frontend technology that is built on a JavaScript-like framework such as React to AngularJS. PWA Studio includes the tools to personalize the content and deliver an intuitive user experience.

It allows the developers to build fast as well as simple front-ends for eCommerce websites that work well on mobile devices. One can build engaging web apps using PWA and increase the conversion rate.


GraphQL is the latest as well as biggest moves in Magento 2.3. It is a data query language developed by FaceBook in 2015.

Magento 2.3 implements GraphQL that opens up data retrieval possibilities for PWA. Developers can get smaller amounts of data efficiently to allow the requests for a few subsets of attributes. This is a great advantage over traditional SOAP/REST requests.

With the help of GraphQL, you can allow a Magento PWA to be fast even when the mobile is in the slow network connection.

Page Builder

In olden times, developers had to create pages with HTML and CSS. Page Builder for Magento Commerce is an intuitive and drag-and-drop interface to develop websites. Even a non-technical user can manage different aspects of content such as images, banners, videos, and products. Hence, without hiring a front-end web developer, one can manage the website easily.

Page Builder comes with a flexible grid system to place all the page elements in a customized way. Being fully integrated grid system, it is possible to add media gallery and widgets to incorporate all the features for Magento website. It is easier to build content blocks on the website.

Multi-Source Inventory

eCommerce store owners can improve the efficiency of their websites with Multi-source inventory (MSI) feature. It allows the users to manage inventory across multiple physical locations with one single admin.

It becomes easier to assign the products and quantities to each fulfillment sources. Store owners can track inventory for warehouses, retail shops, drop shippers, stores, distribution centers, and more.

This unique feature helps the business owners streamline their operations and manage inventories excellently. As well as gain real-time access for each of the websites. Even if the merchant has a single inventory source, MSI can be used to get accurate results for tracking inventory.

PHP 7.2 Support

Magento provides support for PHP 7.2 and it ensures more stability and improved performance. As PHP 7.2 has dropped support for mCrypt, Magento 2.3 offers support for Libsodium module. So, the website owners can expect enhanced security for their store too.

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