WP eCommerce has frequently been seen as the direct alternative to WooCommerce. The main reason for this is because the plugin is set up very similar to WooCommerce, including the dashboard interface and the pricing model. The pricing, for example, is set up so that you can download the core plugin for free and eventually go to the add-on store if you’d like to pay for more features. The main difference in this pricing model is how WP eCommerce does sell a Gold Cart extension, which is kind of like a premium version of the plugin. That Gold Cart is listed at $99 for a single site, and it provides features like live search, premium payment gateways, and a grid view for your product galleries.

WP Ecommerce

Whether or not you choose WP eCommerce or WooCommerce most likely depends on the type of functionality you need in your online store. For instance, product reviews are given for free with WooCommerce but you have to pay for a product review add-on with WP eCommerce. On the other hand, advanced shipping is mostly packaged in with WP eCommerce, while WooCommerce makes you buy an add-on.

Traditionally, the WP eCommerce customer support team is better than what you would find in terms of direct support from WooCommerce. However, there is far less chatter online about the WP eCommerce plugin compared to WooCommerce. When looking into the resources you’ll have for WP eCommerce, there’s an excellent knowledge base filled with articles about getting started, setting up your payment gateway, and handling extensions like the Gold Cart.

Why is This One of the Best WordPress Ecommerce Plugins?

  • • Although the real customer support requires payment, it’s much more helpful than what you would find with WooCommerce. WP eCommerce makes sense for those who can’t imagine setting up an ecommerce website without the help of a professional to speak with.


  • • You have the ability to expand your store quite a bit with the add-ons. As we talked about with Cart66, some might see all of these add-ons as a disadvantage. However, many users enjoy the flexibility these extensions give you. You’re able to choose and pay for one or two add-ons and keep your dashboard clean from the features you wouldn’t typically use.


  • • The WP eCommerce shop has been the closest WooCommerce comparison for quite some time, yet years back it really couldn’t compete. This was due to problems with code, glitches, and poor support. However, the developers seem to have improved on all of those fronts, making it a decent solution, at least to test out for yourself and see if it fits your needs.


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