Several platforms have been tapping into the eCommerce market for quite a while now. There are plenty of options for choosing a platform while setting up an enterprise eCommerce store. There are dedicated e-commerce platforms like Magento or Shopify, CMS-based solutions like WooCommerce for WordPress, and then there are independent frameworks like Laravel, using which you can build a complete enterprise e-commerce website.



While each of these options has its independent merits and drawbacks, we shall focus primarily on the third choice; the advantages and disadvantages of Laravel Development for enterprise e-commerce.

Before diving into the heart of the subject though, let us create a list of basic requirements for enterprise e-commerce for ready reference.

Requirements of Enterprise eCommerce Platforms

Scalability and Integrated payment solutions:

Scalability is the first requirement for any platform to be considered viable for an enterprise e-commerce solution. The e-commerce market has its trends like any other, but the one trend that remains consistent is its upward trajectory.

There are bound to be peaks and valleys in your traffic, which is why a robust website that can handle fluctuations well is a must. You wouldn’t want your website to crash in the middle of a big season sale, would you?

Example: Flipkart’s Big Billion Day Sale in 2017 is an excellent example of what happens when an enterprise e-commerce website is not scalable

Also, Integrated payment solutions are a great option for enterprise e-commerce websites as they offer end-to-end services for online transactions. Also, they provide improved accuracy, speed of transaction, and inbuilt tax calculations per the region/country.

Easy user Interface:

Enterprise e-commerce websites have tens of dozens of people interacting with the website at any given point of time. To this end, the solution needs to have a strong and engaging user interface, to keep the users interested until the purchase is done. 

Lack of clear calls to action for the users and the need to complete long-winded processes while shopping. As a result, it is evident that having a robust user interface which takes customer success through the entire buyer’s journey.

Accurate Search Algorithms:

Finding a specific object from the various options you offer can often be problematic for your customers unless they have an extremely clear idea of what they want. This doesn’t happen in most cases as people are simply browsing until something they like catches their eye.

Right now, Each eCommerce platforms uses algorithms for Search Option features. It will very accurate when a user searches his products

Easy Customization in Platform:

This is an integral part of an enterprise e-commerce solution. As the website grows, you will need to add numerous features based on your vision and the direction you want the store to take. This can necessitate a lot of customization, as everyone has their thought process.

Services of Laravel for Enterprise eCommerce

Laravel is a PHP framework, where you can build various applications right from scratch. We will not go into the details of what makes Laravel a great platform for application development right now, but suffice to say that ‘robust’ and ‘flexible’ are understatements!

High Scalability and Complete customization:

Laravel is highly scalable and can be configured to handle a ton of users at any given point of time. The best part about it is, the framework allows you to develop the entire website from the outset, allowing you to define the scope of your e-store right from the beginning.

Extensive customization is Laravel’s middle name. The framework makes working with PHP a piece of cake, facilitating rapid application development for a plethora of environments.

Stability and Flexibility:

Laravel is a lot more stable than the other e-commerce solutions, as you only include the elements you need in a website. All code in Laravel is clean and well-written, which saves you from the headache of having two people on hand at all times to work on the glitches the website might throw up.

Long-term support with Lesser Cost Solution:

Development cost is generally touted as one of the biggest drawbacks of framework application development, but that is not completely true. If we compare the total cost of buying a ready enterprise e-commerce solution, the necessary plugins, and the customization cost with the total cost of a Laravel application, the latter is much more pocket-friendly, with the added advantage of custom features.

Once an application is built with Laravel, it can function independently, without requiring constant maintenance or updates. And should you need to make any changes, having clean code packages makes the process a lot easier

Final Words

Laravel is an excellent option for building an enterprise e-commerce solution if you are looking to play by your own rules and do not want the constraints of a typical e-commerce solution. The structure is free and the framework is much faster than conventional solutions. Laravel has grown extensively over the past four years and is on par with frameworks like Ruby on Rails and Jango today.

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