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Laravel Homestead is an official, pre-packaged Vagrant box that provides you a wonderful development environment without requiring you to install PHP, a web server, and any other server software on your local machine.

No more worrying about messing up your operating system! Vagrant boxes are completely disposable. If something goes wrong, you can destroy and re-create the box in minutes!

laravel Homestead

laravel Homestead

Some advantages of Laravel Homestead :

1. Simplified Development Environment :

Unlike the other popular solutions out there for simplifying Vagrantfile Setups, Homestead seldom fails to boot, and if it does, it’s fixed within minutes. If you’ve dealt with GUI Vagrant solutions, you’ve likely noticed how rare it is to get it all up and running after the very first vagrant up. It’s always something like an outdated or over-updated Puppet, out of date Ubuntu repos, or some other cryptic error that requires vigorous “foruming” to deconstruct.

2. It’s Officially Approved:

Homestead being official, as in, made by Taylor Otwell, the father of Laravel, means it’s automatically assumed to hold to certain standards. While the Laravel community isn’t without its drama (who cares what a class is called? If a revolutionary new framework calls a model a potato, a facade, or a rocketship, it’s perfectly fine as long as the potato/facade/rocketship works), it’s the exclusivity of Taylor’s involvement with it that gives it a note of simplicity and quality that’s much needed in today’s PHP world.

3. It’s Fast to Set Up :

Setting Homestead up is a piece of cake. Following the instructions on the documentation page, all you need to do is add the homestead box to your Vagrant (if you don’t have it yet) and clone the repo.

4. Important Ports :

Homestead opens certain important ports by default which make maintaining and managing your database and other installed software on the VM from the host machine a breeze.

5. Best Practices and Common Ground :

Due to Homestead being official, you can rest assured you’ll have a huge community available at all times for any assistance in the matter, should you encounter any problems. You’ll have the same starting point as everyone else using Homestead, and problems will automatically become much easier to diagnose.

6. Easy to add sites :

Due to the simplicity of the configuration file one can tweak when fine tuning Homestead, adding new sites (vhosts) is a breeze — you don’t even have to deal with individual vhost configurations in nginx files.

Something Features is Missing in Homestead :

Among some of the missing features, I’d name the following:
  • • Homestead is missing a global composer installation, which means you have to obtain it manually for every project.
  • • The aforementioned ports issue — it would be better if ports were simply open, so one could connect to the IP of the VM, and not the localhost IP via a specific port. This would avoid port conflicts and would let one have multiple Homestead VMs running at the same time
  • • Homestead would do well to include the basic Laravel project by default in the default vhost, so one can start developing instantly without having to create a new one from scratch
  • • HHVM support would be neat, in the spirit of Vaprobash

Conclusion :

Laravel Homestead is among the best and most stable PHP Vagrant environments yet. It’s extremely fast to boot, contains very few dependencies which can break during up time. Visit Laravel Homestead Official Website for More information.

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