In Laravel Development, Common development challenges/problem and how precisely Laravel can help you easily overcome them :



Here are some common Problem and their possible solutions:

How Addressing Technical Vulnerabilities in Laravel

• It comes equipped with a shield against all major security vulnerabilities

• Its codebase has been constantly examined and monitored by hundreds of developer's eyes

• It restricts unauthorized users’ access to your apps’ crucial data or paid resources

Solution for Error and Exception Handling

• Error handling is already configured

• Moreover, the PHP framework already incorporates the Monolog logging library, powerful support for a multitude of long handlers

• It runs regular updates in order to minimize errors on your website/app

Creating a Custom and Secure Authentication and Authorization System

• It puts at your disposal, right out-of-the-box, everything you need for building your authentication system

• In addition, it makes structuring your authorization logic very simple

• It grants you full control to all the needed resources

Separating Client Side/Presentation Code from Server-Side/Business Logic Code

• Helping your web designers “grow independent” from their developer co-workers by making all the needed changes to your web app’s HTML layout themselves

• Also, by drawing a clear line between presentation and logic from an early stage in the web development process you’ll be enabling developers, too, to fix bugs and to add on new features a lot faster

Configuring a Scheduler and Managing Scheduled Tasks

• Its built-in command scheduler enables you to configure your schedule from within Laravel

• Just one Crone entry on your server will be more than enough

Configuring Delivery Delays, Managing Queued Messages

• Its queue services “spoils” you with a unified API, irrespective of the queue back-end type

Scheduling Automated Tests With Laravel PHP Framework

• luckily for you, the Laravel PHP framework comes with out-of-the-box PHPUnit tests and a phpunit.xml file

• Moreover, it’s equipped with functionalities enabling expressive testing by simulating common user behaviors (link clicking, filling out forms and so on)

Configuring URL Routing

• You’ll find all your Laravel PHP framework’s routes in its app/Http/routes.php file (don’t worry, it will load by default)

• The basic ones accept Closure and URI, allowing you to easily configure your routes

Integrating Your Web App With Mail Services

• It provides a simple, yet powerful and clean API over the SwiftMailer library

• It also provides you with drivers for Mandrill, SparkPost, Mailgun, SMTP, Amazon SES, Sendmail, PHP’s mail function; a “plug and play” solution for your app to instantly send out emails either via a local or via a cloud-based service

• It also offers you support for sending out notifications (so not just emails) via multiple channels: Slack, SMS via Nexmo…

Integrating Backend Caches for Boosting Performance

• Laravel PHP framework supports robust cache backends such as Redis and Memcached

• It’s built to use the file cache driver by default (storing the cached components in its file system)

• Moreover, it’s even configured to efficiently handle multiple cache configurations


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