There are dozens of managed WordPress hosting out there in the market, and We have tried nearly all of them.

Here are two things you need to know:

  1. The best managed WordPress hosting for you is the one that fits your needs (server performance)
  2. The best managed WordPress hosting for you is the one that fits your hosting budget

But when it comes to deciding the really best managed WordPress hosting service, it only comes down to two; Kinsta and WP Engine.

WP Engine

Choose Kinsta. If you are looking for a managed WordPress hosting that doesn't sucks, Kinsta is pretty awesome. For only $30 per month, you will be able to enjoy super fast web hosting service that is powered by Google Cloud (yes, the same type of servers that power Google Search with millions of searches each day).

Comparing to Kinsta to WP Engine, Kinsta support team is very much better and more helpful in some ways. It could be the way they respond to a question or support ticket. Kinsta is a great option for serious bloggers who want to have great server performance, security in mind and support in just a few clicks. Sign up for Kinsta here.

Choose WP Engine. WP Engine has long been in the managed WordPress hosting market and it certainly one of the best options if you have a much bigger/heavy traffic website. Comparing to Kinsta,

WP Engine has one major advantage — intuitive staging site where I find it pretty much flawless compared to Kinsta. WP Engine is geared more towards mid traffic blog to enterprise level hosting. Get WP Engine here.

Here are a few more Kinsta features -


1. Data Centers. Kinsta offers 18 Google Cloud Platform regional data centers for each of your sites.

2. Expert support. Kinsta calls their support team as developers (which is pretty cool by the way) and their expert WordPress developers will help you out with any issues you may have.

3. Highly secure network. Worried of the security of your website? So do I! Kinsta WordPress hosting comes with active/passive security protocols, firewalls, daily backups and uptime checks, to name a few.

4. Built for speed. Kinsta inbuilt Nginx, LXD containers, PHP 7, and MariaDB on Google Cloud Platform will power your website and make it load at lightning speed (seriously!). Plus, Kinsta uses KeyCDN to manage all their CDN services that makes your website loads even faster!

5. Staging areas. Kinsta has staging area for development, testing or tweaking and tuning which you can turn it on in a single click.


And without further a due, here's what you will get when you host your website on WP Engine :


1. Free automated migration. This is the CORE reason why I move to WP Engine. Hassle-free! Using the free WP Engine Auto Migration plugin, you can now move to WP Engine in just a few clicks (and saves a whole lot of developer fees).

2. Performance-boosting insights. Start boosting engagement with powerful insights from WP Engine Content Performance, and even better, improve your site speed with the free Page Performance tool that comes with all WP Engine plans.

3. Enterprise-grade security. When you host your website on WP Engine, you don't only get bulletproof security — You'll get managed WordPress updates plus threat detection and blocking with the constant guidance by WP Engine dedicated security team.

4. CDN and SSL included. Get ready to improve your site speed, security, and SEO with a global CDN and automated SSL certificates included in all plans.

5. Agile developer environments. You can now manage all your workflows with dev, stage, and prod environments and accelerate deployment cycles with WP Engine one-click tools.

We Recommended WP Engine Hosting Services for WordPress

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