To build web applications with desired functionalities, developers use different PHP frameworks. Each framework provides specific features that allows developers to build project functionalities easily.

Laravel is one of the top PHP frameworks available to the developers. It uses an advanced MVC architecture to build web applications. Moreover, there are many Laravel CMS available in the market to ease out complex development process. It provides a modular packaging system that allows developers to build applications with optimized web features.

Laravel 5.8 is the latest version of the framework that offers some advanced features of authentication, caching, routing, sessions and others. Its powerful MVC architecture helps even beginners to develop range of web applications in no time. It also allows developers to use external packages and drag/drop builders to speed up the development process.

The ease of integrating drag and drop builders in Laravel allows developers to build front-end apps effortlessly. Because, many Laravel developers are good with the backend programming, but face some deficiencies in the front-end domain, that is where Laravel website builders or Laravel based CMSs make their job easy and allows them to create awesome app front-ends in just a few clicks.

 Laravel CMS

What is Microweber?

Microweber is a powerful WordPress like Laravel CMS solution for developing complex web applications. It offers an easy-to-understand backend dashboard from where you can design your application front-end with the unique drag and drop features.

Using Microweber, you can easily develop Laravel based websites in a few clicks. The platform has around 44,876 downloads up till now, and comes up with some rich web features including:

  • • Dragdrop
  • • Admin Panel
  • • Live Edit
  • • Adding Content
  • • E-commerce features
  • • Blog Features
  • • Modules
  • • Dynamic Layouts
  • • Installation

Install Microweber in Laravel

After successfully installing Laravel on Cloudways, let’s open the SSH terminal and paste the following command.

composer create-project microweber/microweber my_site dev-master

Once you have completed the Laravel CMS installation with the above command, click on the application and update the database configuration.

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