# Insurance API:

Nowadays the Insurance sector is emerging in using the API at large scale for fast services. The insurance ecosystem is increasing with the application of API to streamline business processes and introduce greater speed, agility, and profitability. They are using this API to fulfill his user's needs with fast services.

Digital Transform has brought changes in the insurance industry by offering personalized insurance services, connected homes, connected auto, mobile and wearable devices. The Main example is Amazon.

Digital Transformations in the Insurance Industry :

As per a leading industry analysis, 74% of insurers lacked internal skills and technology foundation to drive digital innovation. However, now insurers are looking beyond traditional products and services, for simple, transparent products which creates a better trust level among clients.

They provide Digital interaction to clients, enabling customers to get information dynamically faster, within a limited waiting time. They are looking to deliver fast Insurance services such as submission, policy changes, claims intake across multiple channels, etc

Implementing any changes or enhancements to the tightly integrated core packages and portals would burden the whole IT landscape. This necessitates the bringing in of composable services, which can be reused across multiple channels and platforms.

Insurers are embracing APIs to bring together multiple data sources in a flexible, reliable, and cost-effective manner.

What type of API is best :

Picking the correct API and planning it to work successfully, will give the ideal advantages. There are three sorts of API is available to communicate with clients through computerized Transformation in the business (System API, Process API, and Experience API).

Experience API: These APIs are UI explicit taking into account various endorsers, for e.g., CRM framework, Voice and Chat Robots, Telematics and other IoT gadgets, Portal and Mobile applications and so on. Another communication level layer should be made when a new channel is forayed.

Process API: This enables you to structure arrangement crosswise over procedures e.g., Policy control, Claim Status, Claim Recovery and so on. Any new channel needs insignificant customization to the arrangement layer.

System API: System API helps in administration reconciliation with center business functionalities, for e.g., Submission, Policy Change, Renewals, Claims Intake, Claim Reserve and so on.

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