What is GDS (Global Distributed System)?

Initially, GDS was created to support travel agents (around the world) track of flight schedule, accessibility and costs and ticket bookings airlines, however, were later reached out to travel agents to give complete packages such as tours Travel, vehicle rentals, Hotels rooms and that's just the beginning. At a time, the global distribution system enables users to buy tickets from various suppliers or airlines. The global distribution system is additionally the back end of most internet-based travel services. GDS helps in all three travel sectors i.e. airline reservations, hotel reservations, and car rentals with the help of GDS we can link services, rates, and bookings consolidating products and services.

There are some global companies which offer global distribution system such as Amadeus, Galileo, saber, and Worldspan. They are possessed and worked as joint ventures through Hotel groups, Major airlines, and Car rentals, on the other hand, we can also call (ARS) automated reservation system.

Global Distributed System

Global Distributed System

How GDS works?

Your property's data including rates and stock are loaded into the network of GDS. From here, your property data have to retrieve by many online travel portals and display in the search results. And to recover your property data Travel agents fundamentally sign into one of the four GDS systems. Moreover, there are several other ways to recover your property data (for example Hotelsurfer.com recovers your property data from any GDS holder.

GDS and API Integration - Amadeus, Sabre, Galileo, Worldspan :

Four main systems of GDS and API Integration:-

  1. Amadeus GDS API Integration: 

Amadeus web services is an application Programing interface (API) it is one of the most popular global distribution system, workes in more than 190 nations that conveys individual Amadeus content through means of SOAP/XML messages.

Web services provide the authority to the travel agents to incorporate travel-related substance into their application, for example, web site, booking engine, front office, travel agency, and corporate self-booking tool. With the help of Amadeus GDS travel agents and agencies gets the opportunity to enhance their business globally by supporting their customers to grab the best deal. furthermore, Amadeus GDS is also helpful to manage your travel business, minimizing the cost, and enhancing the revenues.

  1. Sabre Global Distribution System:

Sabre's global distribution system is a Productive, cost-consuming distribution channel. provides the travel reservation system to the user with schedules, availability, pricing, and policies. on the other hand saber GDS able to provide better support to the Travel agent by Email support, call and Chat. their B2B and B2C travel portals including GDS software are growing in Europ, USA, India, Australia, Africa. And many other countries. With the help of Saber Global distribution system Airlines, Hotels, and car rentals grab the opportunity to enhance their market reach to travelers.

  1. Galileo Global Distribution System:

Galileo is one of the most popular GDS framework authorized by Travelport, which gives PC reservation framework for hotel rooms, train ticket booking, and vehicle rentals. With the options of B2B and B2C and B2B2C including admin module. Galileo GDS offering the solutions to the Travel agencies through desktop solution, search, book, and web service XML to build the connectivity with the Core database.

  1. Worldspan GDS integration Service:

Worldspan is one of the main travel innovation technology. And it is a piece of the Travel port business. It offers electronic appropriations of Internet products, and connectivity, Travel information, and eCommerce for travel agents, tour operators, and travel board organizations around the world. With the help of Worldspan, travel companies can boost their productivity, minimize the cost, and generate more revenue.

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