The prototype is an imitation of the end product which demonstrates the way users will interact with the interface. The prototype might not be exactly the same as the real app or site, however, it should be very close to them. Definitely, this is not a black and white drawing but a faithful copy of a product that is going to be deployed by your customers.

How to make a prototype?

Usually, prototyping takes place after creating mockup and wireframe. However, it can also be a separate process that is often called rapid prototyping. Rapid prototyping is used to make app model within a very short time.

Depending on the project specific, you may decide whether the wireframe and mockup stages are needed or whether you can skip them and set about prototyping at once.

In any case, before starting, try to answer the questions below:

  • • Which way will the users interact with your product?
  • • What is the sequence of changing screens or pages?
  • • What can be done in order to optimize user experience?
  • • Are there any better alternatives for representing a particular option?

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Why is prototype needed?

Prototyping is the best way to show your client how the final product is going to look and function. It completely displays all the vital options and demonstrates visual representation.

At the same time, prototype serves well for the development team as it is widely used in testing. Critical bugs and minor issues can be identified before an implementation of a real product actually starts. In such a way, you receive the following benefits from creating a prototype:

Quality, since you can try your product before you launch a live version.

Confirmation, since your client agrees or doesn't agree to a given copy.

Profit, since you reduce the costs for redesigning a final product.

Time, since you don't work on the unnecessary elements.

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