The software cost estimation is always a tricky thing. As we have pointed out multiple times: there are too many factors influencing the final price. This concerns both mobile and website development costs — the exact price cannot be calculated without well-defined site’s functionality and business objectives.

For instance, our business analysts can ask you dozens of clarifying questions about authorization. They define whether it'll take 10 or 100 hours to meet the requested requirements.

Website Cost

Still, an average website cost can be figured out based on our web development expertise. Bear in mind that such estimations won't be accurate. They’re created for informational purposes only and shouldn’t be treated as the final price. So, What factors decide the website Cost ? Let’s find this out.


The price of your website will depend on a lot of different factors :

Both pre-existing factors, as well as the type of site you’re going to build. Here are a few of the main considerations that will influence the overall price :

1. Your Choice of Domain and Hosting :

Every website needs a domain name and hosting. Your domain name is what people will type into the address bar to access your site. While your hosting is where all of your website’s files will be stored. You can purchase these together or separately.

2. The Platform That Powers Your Site :

You’re going to have a lot of different options when it comes to building out your site. You can use a website builder, choose a CMS like WordPress, or even hire a professional to build your site for you. With WordPress, you can rely on free themes and plugins to reduce your overall cost, while with a website builder you’ll typically pay a monthly fee. Hiring a web developer will be the most expensive option. We’ll cover this in more detail below.

3. The Type of Website You’re Building :

The type of website you’re building will greatly influence the overall cost. For example, if you’re building a simple personal blog, then your expenses will be very low. But, if you’re building out a complex eCommerce store, then you should expect higher website build costs.

Generally, the more complex and feature-rich your website, the higher the cost will be. But, this cost can be offset by doing most of the design tasks yourself, or using the right website builder software or CMS.

Website for a Professional Business :

Generally, this type of websites is informational and intended to promote the brand and increase the loyalty of the company’s target audience. The cost of making a website of this type depends on its complexity.

Customers who want to learn the small business website development cost usually expect to see there the following pages:

  • • About company
  • • Services
  • • Contacts
  • • Blog / Press page
  • • Testimonials

Of course, every web project is unique and has a different structure, but those are core minimum requirements most customers expect in the final product. However, such features as membership, downloadable content, and subscription for newsletters aren’t in lesser demand. So the cost of creating a website for a small business is typically formed based on the aforementioned pages, but it also depends on their filling.

Here is the list of other frequently requested features for business websites:

  • • SSL certificate
  • • API Integration
  • • Contact back form
  • • Integration with ready-made live chats like Tawk,, etc.
  • • On-site search opportunity
  • • Mobile-ready design
  • • Admin panel

The business website cost for mid-sized and enterprise-level companies is almost always different. They are often highly customized and so it’s hard to say even an average cost to build a website for a business of this scale.

E-commerce Website :

The internet has captured the world and even offline stores are forced to go online. Since more and more people are interested to learn the average cost to develop a website for e-commerce, I decided to include it to this list.

Let’s first take a look at some of the frequently requested pages and for e-commerce websites:

  • • Main page
  • • Shopping cart
  • • Favorites
  • • Check out
  • • Blog
  • • Product pages

And of course some of the features:

  • • Integration with Multi payment systems like Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal, etc.
  • • Flexible push notifications
  • • Recently viewed products
  • • Opportunity to leave reviews and rate products
  • • Search
  • • Admin panel

Single Landing Page :

A landing page is a single-page website. It’s also a separate page on the existing multi-page website created with the purpose of promoting or selling something.

As a rule, such websites aren’t overloaded with content in order not to divert users' attention from the main goal of the page — motivate to do certain target actions. There are a variety of use cases for a landing page: from purchasing something to downloading a file.

Despite the fact this single page can be really long, the average cost to build a website of this type is much less compared to the full-fledged solutions mentioned before.

When it comes to landing page development, many developers prefer using Bootstrap along with pure HTML. The time can vary depending on the animation complexity the same as the website creation cost.

Final Words :

It is clear that Website Cost depends upon the requirements of Clients. Whether they want a Static Website with least functionalities or Responsive websites. A website cost roughly, vary between 500$ to 10,000$. For more information on this, Feel free to contact us.

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