Modern technologies are driving digital transformations to various industries, including healthcare. These days, people are quite demanding, so it’s kind of must-have for hospitals to have a website. To deliver a good experience to patients, the medical site has to be convenient and user-friendly. Considering all these issues, we’ve created a guide on Medical Web development and Design.

Medical Web Design Trends

The crowded and unorganized website tends to distract clients. Users want to find necessary information easy and fast, so the website should be user-friendly and straightforward.

Trends move fast nowadays, and it can be complicated to follow all of them. There are the latest innovations in medical practice website design for 2020.

  • • The user-friendly website stands for a responsive one. It means that medical website design follows different screen sizes and resolutions. Patients use smartphones and tablets these days to get some data about the hospital. According to Statista, approximately half of web traffic comes from mobile devices.
  • • Flat Design : Flat design of user interface means using minimalistic and concise elements. As a result, you get a laconic but contrast design that allows focusing on website content. Additionally, flat design can reduce the website loading time since there are simple design elements.
  • • As you can understand from the name, micro animations stand for small animated parts of the user interface. Micro animations assist in drawing users’ attention and improving website navigation. However, micro animations shouldn’t overload your website. They should complement software functionality.
  • • Hamburger menu stands for a button placed in the top corner of a website interface. Pressing this button, the user gets access to the main menu or navigation bar. Hamburger menu buttons are actively used these days since they require less space. The busy navigation bar can distract users from the website content. Additionally, such menus work perfectly on mobile devices making websites more user-friendly.

  • • Colorful solutions become one of the biggest medicine website design trends of 2020. It’s trendy to choose vivid and deep colors. Additionally, you can select several corporate colors to represent your brand. For example, orange stands for optimism, while blue indicates trustworthy. So, it’s better to consider palette during medical practice website development.

Medical Website Development: Features to Implement

Starting medical web development, you need to consider the features you want to integrate. Usually, they are divided into two groups — basic and advanced. The first group consists of the functions that are vital for your website to work correctly. As for advanced features, they tend to bring some exciting functions assisting with user engagement.

Considering the medical website, it should be easy for users to find the hospital location or phone number. Additionally, if you have various locations, make sure to provide the opportunity to select the nearest one. As for phone numbers, it’s better to place them on the homepage. For instance, you can integrate a click-to-call button. It allows calling from the website if the user looks through the website on mobile devices.

Make sure that it’s easy for clients to find out about the services offered by your hospital. If you provide some unique services, your UI/UX designers should think of how to emphasize them. For instance, medical website developers can add a list of services with an opportunity to click and look through more detailed information.

Patients want to know more about the doctor, so it’s good to provide the data about the specialists. It’s possible to add data about the doctor’s education, experience, and more. As a result, you can gain patients’ trust and loyalty.

Scheduling should be as easy as possible. It’s necessary to provide users with opportunities to choose the date, time, and doctor. Patients should fill in the request form with information like name, insurance, phone number, symptoms, and more.

Entering the website, clients want to find the necessary information and learn more about your services. So, the primary task of medical website designers and developers is creating a user-friendly search. Additionally, it’s good to integrate filters and let users sort the search results with various criteria.

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