Education is the basic right for everyone. It ensures absolute advancement and progress of an individual. However, education has undergone some radical changes with time. The major changes can be noticed in the teaching methodologies and also in the examination systems. The examination system has been shifted from the traditional paper-based way to the online examination system.

Online Examination Web Development:

online examination system development efficiently fits for the requisites of educational institutions, primary and secondary schools, Colleges, Professional and Vocational institutes, Universities or Training Academies. This system provides a systematic and logical way of teaching and learning.

This online examination web Portal aims at diluting the costs associated with conducting exams over a period of time and achieving total automation of examination system related tasks like registration, publication of results, which lead to a very high degree of system efficiency.

Many educational institutions are concentrating on Online Exam web Portal to lessen their burdens and it proved to be true.

Features of Online Examination Portal ?

  • • Create unlimited number of student profiles.
  • • Differentiate them by groups (i.e. classes, departments or examinations).
  • • Create user id and passwords for every student automatically and send it to their email id.
  • • Create unlimited questions sets.
  • • Create and conduct unlimited examinations.
  • • Publish and view results by both student and exam wise.
  • • Notify every student about the examinations or share study materials through this system.
  • • Create different users on administrative label and provide them separate permissions for different work (for example, a data entry operator can upload student details but cannot create examinations).

Why Online Examination Portal ?

  • • Reduce the cost and time of organizing examinations.
  • • Students can evaluate themselves by giving test exams as many times as they need.
  • • It will check answers and publish results in few seconds.
  • • Students can appear in the examination through any devices (i.e. Laptops, Android devices, Windows devices, iphones, any smart phone, etc.)
  • • It is in online platform so, no software installation required.
  • • We are providing 256bit SSL encryption protocol to make this system safe. This encryption protocol is used by many reputed organizations like, Banks, corporations and several ecommerce websites.
  • • It will reduce the use of paper which in term save trees.

Why choose us?

We builds online examination web solutions according to your necessities and requirements of your organization. We are adept at delivering the conceivable solutions which result in the growth of your business.

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